What are the ingredients of the atomic bomb

  1. First, get about 100 pounds (50 kilos) of weapons grade plutonium from your local supplier. A nuclear power plant or a reprocessing plant is not recommended for this, as the lack of large amounts of plutonium can make the engineers who work there quite unhappy. We suggest you get in touch with the local terrorist organization or perhaps the young entrepreneurs in your neighborhood.
  2. Please remember that plutonium, especially pure, enriched plutonium, is a little dangerous. After crafting, wash your hands with soap and warm water, and do not allow your children or pets to play or eat in plutonium. Leftover plutonium dust is ideal for driving away insects. Feel free to keep the substance in a lead container if you can find something suitable at your local junkyard, but an old cookie jar will do just as well.
  3. Now form a metal container to keep the bomb in at home. Most commercially available metal foils can be bent in such a way that the container can be camouflaged as a mailbox, handle man or VW Beetle. Do not use aluminum foil.
  4. Arrange the plutonium in two hemispheres about 4 cm apart. Use e.g. Pattex to glue the plutonium dust together.
  5. Now, get yourself 200 pounds (100 kilos) of trinitrotoluene (TNT). A good plastic explosive is much better, but it also does a lot more work. Your helpful hardware specialist will be happy to provide you with it.
  6. Attach the TNT to the hemispheres you formed in step 4. If you haven't been able to get a plastic explosive, don't be afraid to attach the TNT with eagle owl, fixogum, or some model building glue. You can also use colored glue, but it's not necessary to go overboard here.
  7. Now stow the result of your efforts from step 6 in the container from step 3. Now use a strong adhesive such as acrylic glue to securely attach the two hemispheres in the mailbox. In this way you avoid accidental detonation, which could be triggered by vibrations or incorrect handling.
  8. To make the bomb detonate, get hold of a remote control like those used on model airplanes and small cars. With little effort you can build a remote-controlled piston that strikes a detonator and thus triggers a small explosion. You can find these detonators in the electronics department of your supermarket. We recommend "Platzbald" because these are deposit-free disposable capsules.
  9. Now hide the finished bomb from neighbors and children. Your garage is unsuitable for this because it is usually very damp and experience has shown that the temperature fluctuates greatly. It has been shown that atomic bombs detonate spontaneously under unstable conditions. The cupboard or the space under the kitchen sink, on the other hand, is ideal.
You are now the proud owner of a working thermonuclear bomb! It is THE party gag and serves national defense in an emergency. Thats how it works:
In principle, the bomb is detonated when the exploding TNT compresses the plutonium to a critical mass. The critical mass then leads to a chain reaction similar to that of falling dominoes. The chain reaction then promptly triggers a large thermonuclear reaction. And you've got your 10 megaton blast!

Note from Michel Firholz:
I would strongly advise against such a construction. Due to the current demand, the prices for weapons-grade plutonium have risen so sharply that they are only exceeded by the rent increases in Munich.
However, I can suggest the method using uranium 235: Uranium 235 is only available on the market at exorbitant prices, but you can also make it yourself from uranium ore. All you need is about 60,000 tons of uranium ore, about 400 tons of mercury and a little space and time. A nice side effect is that uranium ore also contains a certain amount of gold, which can partially reward your effort. You then get uranium 238 with a small amount of uranium 235. Only this amount is usable. To separate the wheat from the chaff, you have to dissolve everything in fluorine (calculate with about 40 tons). Since fluorine is even more aggressive than pure oxygen, you should definitely keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Your mother-in-law can get hold of it. You can gradually remove the lighter components (the U 235) from the solution of fluorine and uranium with several ultracentrifugations. Then just release the fluorine again in a biocompatible manner and you have it! Then do the rest as usual.

Note from another attentive website visitor:
To build a suitable bomb with plutonium, you only need 10 kg of enriched material. With uranium you need 50 kg. You also need to rearrange the plutonium:

The plutonium warhead consists of 32 individual charges in the shape of a segment of a circle, which are arranged spherically in 45 ° steps around a beryllium-polonium mixture. These 32 parts must have exactly the same dimensions and shape; viewed from the outside, the arrangement resembles a soccer ball. After the detonation of the conventional explosive charge, all 32 individual parts must be welded in the center within 100 ns so that a chain reaction can be initiated.             A uranium warhead consists of 2 parts:
The larger mass is spherical and concave, the smaller mass fits exactly into the recess of the larger mass. When the conventional explosive charge detonates, the smaller mass is shot into the larger one and welded to it. Reaching the supercritical mass initiates the chain reaction within one µs.

Comment from Jochen:
Who is still building atomic bombs if they can be found on eBay:

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