What did Isaac Asimov do wrong

Midnight Crime Corrected incorrectly

Radio play, from 25.02.2012, 00:05

Science fiction

The practice of using electronic brains to write scientific works has recently become particularly explosive. Isaac Asimov played with this idea back in 1957.

Isaac Asimov was way ahead of his time. (German Future Prize: Ansgar Pudenz)

Professor Simon Ninheimer, a professor in the field of sociology, has already entrusted a lot of his texts to the robot Mooney for examination, which he borrowed from the company "US Robots and Mechanical Men Cooperation".

In Ninheimer's latest work, of all things, which is supposed to be his greatest achievement, the quotes from colleague Randall are embarrassingly falsified, as the robot apparently regards the unadulterated correction of this text as a violation of the robot laws.

Ninheimer sees his honor hurt and sued the company. Dr. Susan Calvin gets to the bottom of the matter ...

Processing: Heiner Schmidt
Director: Andreas Weber-Schäfer
With Peter Baecker, Toni Dameris, Manfred G. Herrmann, Gert Lehmann, Ulrich Matschoss, Charles Regnier, Werner Rundshagen, Heiner Schmidt and others
SDR 1970 / approx. 54 '


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