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Education and advancement in childhood

SRH University of Health, Gera
  • Full-time / German
  • Annually for the winter semester (October 1st)

Bachelor of Arts 3 years / 6 semesters (including internship) 180 credit points

You will learn.

The degree program Education and Advancement in Childhood enables you to support children in their development and to accompany them on their educational path. You will learn to support children with developmental risks, disabilities, learning difficulties or behavioral problems and to accompany them together with their parents. Constant further development is important to us! Therefore, the study model for the new course is currently being revised: Childhood Education (0–12 years) with a focus on interdisciplinary early intervention (B.A.).

The focus of our course is explicitly on the dynamics and development of the child as an infant, toddler and in childhood. The education and development support of children as well as working with their families are the central principles of the course.

An in-depth focus is the explicit consideration of forms of disability, developmental disorders and delays, and behavioral problems. These priorities are combined with diverse concepts that effectively support children and their families.

During your studies, we will impart the relevant educational, psychological and medical-therapeutic knowledge and skills to you in a practical manner in order to accompany and support families and their children with or without disabilities or developmental problems at their start in life. The course includes the acquisition of knowledge and skills that have been carefully and precisely put together to ensure a high level of professionalism in your work as a future specialist.

In the social area, soft skills are not an additional plus, but a basic requirement. In order to further develop your skills in this field, you will learn with us to reflect on yourself and your work. Because if you want to strengthen others, you should know yourself well.

During an internship that is integrated into your studies, you will gain insights into the professional activities of childhood educators or early intervention workers. During this time, you can already build up a network with various fields of education and support and check your knowledge for practical suitability and apply the skills you have acquired during your studies in practice. Many of our graduates already have a job offer before they graduate. Before and after the internship as well as during it, continuous practical support by lecturers from the SRH University of Health Gera is a matter of course.

Promote and strengthen resources
We do not define a child according to what it cannot do, but rather see it as a whole person, relying on prevention, resource orientation and intensive support. The whole family is involved, which is often exposed to multiple stresses and can no longer fulfill its original tasks.

Many career opportunities are open to graduates of the bachelor's degree in Education and Support in Childhood. You can work as a specialist in educational and health care facilities and in social centers, but you can also specialize in your professional field with a master’s degree.

Our graduates are currently working in

  • Regular day care centers (including day nursery area) - the required state recognition as a childhood educator by the Thuringian Ministry is available
  • integrative educational institutions
  • Youth and Social Welfare Office, District Office
  • Early intervention centers
  • social pediatric centers
  • Clinics
  • Advice centers
  • Facilities for disabled and behavioral children
  • Family centers and educational institutions
  • School preparation and transition
  • Management positions in various social institutions

In addition, the degree gives you the opportunity to complete a master’s degree after completing your bachelor’s degree. With a master’s degree, you have the opportunity to pursue a doctorate and an academic career. At our university you could follow up with a master’s degree in “Health and Social Management”.

General university entrance qualification, advanced technical college entrance qualification or an equivalent university entrance qualification or university entrance for qualified professionals in accordance with Section 70 ThürHG *
3-month pre-study internship in social and health care
* According to § 70 ThürHG, applicants can also be admitted who do not have a university entrance qualification but have completed vocational training in a technically related area and have at least 3 years of professional experience in this area.

420 € per month + one-time 200 € enrollment fee

For graduates of a course at an SRH university as well as for SRH employees and their relatives, the tuition fees are reduced by 10%.

How to apply in 4 steps:

  • You create an account without obligation
  • You start your application and attach all the necessary documents as PDF
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application from us by email
  • You will get a response from us as soon as possible

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