How do I deactivate my Alexa device

Smart home Switching off the Amazon Echo - this is how it works


If you have an Amazon Echo, you have probably already noticed: The device does not have an on / off switch. In the following tips + tricks article, we explain how you can switch off the Amazon Echo anyway:

Put the Amazon Echo in a low-power state

Since the Amazon Echo does not have an on / off switch, you cannot simply switch the device off. Amazon itself has one Low-energy state as an off-state intended. You can move your Amazon Echo into these by using the Hold down the action button and press the microphone button twice.

However, if you want to avoid being overheard by Alexa all the time, you should turn off the microphone or completely deactivate the voice assistant. We'll explain how to do this in the following:

Turn off the Amazon Echo microphone

  1. Press the Crossed-out microphone button on top of the Amazon Echo.
  2. Thereupon the device lights up red and the microphone is disabled. Now you can no longer communicate with Alexa.
  3. To switch the microphone back on, simply press the button with the crossed-out microphone again. The Amazon Echo will then turn blue again.

Note: If you switch off the microphone of your Amazon Echo, you can still use other functions such as music playback.

Deactivate Alexa completely

To completely deactivate Alexa and Amazon Echo, you have no choice but to do that To pull the plug. If you want to switch off the entire device completely on a regular basis, we recommend using an Amazon Echo Socket with on / off switch to connect. An even more elegant option: Connect your Amazon Echo to one Wireless socket at. Then you can easily switch it on and off using the remote control.

Note: If you turn off the Amazon Echo completely, your settings go Not lost. The next time you switch it on, you can use the device as you did before.