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Hotel Marketing Tip 3:
Content marketing - infotainment & storytelling

Another point that you should pay attention to in hotel marketing in all advertising channels is content that is both informative and entertaining. This is where the topics of infotainment and storytelling come into play.

The products are emotionally charged through personal stories and infotainment and thus generate added value, trust and security for guests:

  1. In storytelling, messages, data and knowledge are optimally conveyed by simplifying and illustrating complex information. In this way, the information is better anchored in the guest's memory.
  2. The term infotainment is a neologism from information and entertainment. With infotainment, guests / website visitors should be informed and entertained at the same time.

You should also consider these two aspects when designing your in-house experience marketing.

In neuromarketing, the conveyance of sensory, symbolic, episodic and linguistic codes in the course of multisensual marketing is of elementary importance. The effectiveness of advertising is multiplied significantly if as many codes as possible are addressed at the same time in the course of hotel marketing.
We therefore recommend that you address the episodic and linguistic codes with the help of infotainment and storytelling and implement this in the course of strategic content marketing.
Here, too, it is important to adapt the content to the needs of your target group.

For information, here is a brief definition of content marketing:
Content marketing is a method that is intended to inform, animate and entertain your target group with valuable content. The aim is to position your brand, attract new guests and keep regular guests loyal to the hotel. The experts differ in terms of a clear definition. From our point of view, however, aspects from SEO, branding and PR also flow into content marketing.