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Send and receive faxes online

Thomas Joos

Even if we do our communication more and more online, sending and receiving faxes still has its justification - especially since it can also be done online. You can read how to do this in this post.

Although communication is increasingly being carried out online, sending and receiving faxes still plays an important role. There are providers on the Internet who also offer sending and receiving faxes online. We present a few possibilities. Anyone who uses a Fritzbox from AVM can send and receive faxes over it.

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The following providers are covered in this article:, Alltofax, Myfax, PDF24 Fax. We will also explain from here how you can send and receive faxes via your Fritzbox.

Note: It has no longer been possible to send faxes via Deutsche Post's E-Post since May 1, 2019. The reason given by the provider: "We have discontinued the fax function within the E-Post system because of the recent low demand and for reasons of economy."

Send and receive faxes free of charge with

With the fax service you can send and receive faxes online worldwide. The service is available free of charge for a few days, you must then subscribe and register to continue using it. You will be given a fax number when you book the service. You can then send up to 90 faxes for 9 euros / month. Faxes are sent as an e-mail attachment.

Alltofax - send faxes free of charge without registration

With the Alltofax online service, you can send unformatted text in the web interface by fax, without any registration. If you want to send documents, you can use the fee-based service "Instant Webfax". Here you can send the first fax for 1 euro. In addition, sending faxes without a subscription costs around 2 euros. You can also send up to 10 pages for this.

Fax professionally with Myfax, even abroad

You can also send and receive faxes abroad using the Myfax online service. You can try the service for free for a while. If you want to use the service more often, you can also send doc, pdf and odf files. You can send faxes by email, but also with apps for smartphones and tablets. The faxes are archived.

The service is particularly useful if you frequently send faxes abroad. If you use faxes primarily in Germany, the free fax service from E-Post is more suitable.

Use PDF24 fax

With the PDF24 Fax web service, you can send faxes to a large number of countries free of charge. However, when you purchase a fax package, you get more features, such as sending multiple pages of faxes. An overview shows the differences between the fax packages - but you can use all variants free of charge for 14 days. If you stay with the free version, you have to expect that the recipient will also receive advertising on the fax.

Send and receive faxes with the AVM Fritzbox

The receipt of fax messages via the Fritzbox is very simply regulated. You can add a new telephone device in the settings of the Fritzbox and select the "Fax device" option here. If you receive faxes frequently, it can make sense to reserve one of your telephone numbers for this fax machine only.

EnlargeAdding a new fax machine

After you have set up the fax machine, you control the phone numbers for which the fax machine waits for faxes in the Fritzbox in the settings.

EnlargeConfigure the telephone number for the AVM fax machine

Make sure to configure the e-mail notifications in the Fritzbox's web interface so that new faxes are also delivered by e-mail. In this case, when a new fax message arrives, you will receive an e-mail with the fax as an attachment. You make the settings for this in the web interface under "System \ Push Service".

EnlargeConfiguring the sending of e-mails when new faxes are received on an AVM Fritzbox