Why does PewDiePie stop playing video games

Games millionaire

Instructions on how to change a faucet or repair a bicycle tire are an important part of the YouTube world. The hobby experts do not achieve large numbers of clicks. The situation is different when it comes to help with the latest video games: According to the data portal Social Blade, the YouTuber Pewdiepie has become the first individual to exceed the 100 million subscriber mark with his channel.

Pewdiepie comes from Sweden and is called Felix Kjellberg. In December 2006 he started filming himself playing video games and posting the highlights and comments online. Initially under the name Pewdie, which is made up of the sound of a jet gun and the English word for "die!" (Later pie was added for cake). He presents fighting, conquest and horror games such as Amnesia or Minecraft, which is why the 29-year-old is a celebrity, especially with boys.

People like Pewdiepie play a central role in marketing the increasingly sophisticated games for consoles and smartphones. A lucrative livelihood for Kjellberg, for which he threw a degree in technology management in Gothenburg in 2011. According to estimates, the newlywed to the Italian fashion designer Marzia Bisognin currently earns around 2.1 million euros per month with his channel.

Thanks to his success, he is increasingly presenting himself there and trying his hand at comedy. Jokes that can be perceived as anti-Semitic aroused criticism just as much as racist remarks - for example when he called a game opponent a "nigger". He himself says apologetically that he is stupid and immature. Parts of his fan base who love his cheeky manner do not believe this: The Christchurch assassin used the slogan "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" in the live video of his attacks on two mosques - the title of an aggressive campaign to increase subscriber numbers. It was only weeks later that Kjellberg stopped this. All the more problematic that he is one of the 100 most influential pioneers in the world (Ā»Time MagazineĀ«).

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