How do I react creatively to information

Increase creativityThe employees are the bearers of creativity

Use the time in a traffic jam or in the waiting room to pursue the following questions thoughtfully and creatively:

Exercise 1: What can you do with a paper clip? Find 10 uses the paper clip maker wasn't interested in.

By the way: The creativity technique of misappropriation is connected to this question.

exercise 2: How would your life change if you were lighter than air? How would you sleep, how would you move? How do you do your job? And in the next traffic jam, they could become magnetic or fluorescent.

And by the way: With these mind games you use the creativity techniques of synectics.

You may be puzzled and ask yourself: What do I get from these little games? This is to make it clear that there is no Great Wall of China between creative games and serious problem solving. On the contrary, training for the “creativity organ” is helpful for successful creativity in the company. And that there are many possibilities for this training. Just like you can stroll through a department store with the participants of a school club and look for opportunities for improvement together. Just as you can do fun tests with students (see the following template), you have countless opportunities to turn unproductive times into training times for your creativity.