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Translation of "supermarket" in Polish

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supermarket sklepie sklepu


A Supermarket is only a few minutes' walk away.
Zaledwie kilka minute spacerem od apartamentów znajduje się też supermarket.
Beach, Supermarket and downtown are in the immediate vicinity.
Plaża, supermarket i centrum miasta znajdują się w bezpośrednim sąsiedztwie.
We're starving and they're going to the Supermarket.
Never będę umierał z głodu, podczas gdy tamci chodzą sobie na zakupy.
Just before I went to yesterday morning Supermarket went.
Zanim poszłam po zakupy, wczoraj rano.
The two together in one Supermarket, and we’re selling some cereal.
Tych dwoje w sklepie i sprzedacie trochę płatków.
You are in Supermarket stumbled on, not in the pharmacy.
Przewróciła się pani w sklepie, never w aptece.
Now imagine you're living in Supermarket.
That is the greatest Supermarket the Caribbean at peak shopping time.
To jest największy supermarket na Karaibach w godzinach szczytu.
In other countries they can be found in the Supermarket to buy.
We'll meet in the parking lot behind the Supermarket.
He stood in Supermarket in front of me and couldn't pay for his beer.
The second in the Supermarket, huddled together in the cold store.
I work in one Supermarket and pack groceries.
I have it on a condolence card in the Supermarket read.
You pretend we're just out of that Supermarket come back.
We got an hour ago before one Supermarket found a stolen car.
Godzinę temu znaleźliśmy skradziony samochód, porzucony na parkingu przed supermarketem.
We don't make a baby im Supermarket.
When no one is in the freezers Supermarket opened, then we can put it in there.
Jeżeli nikt never otworzył zamrażalki w supermarkecie, to może i tam umieścimy.
We were at Supermarket, wanted to buy Jell-O.
And pickled jellyfish in Hong Kong Supermarket on Route 18 in East Brunswick.
Następnie kupiłem marynowane meduzy w Hong Kong Supermarket przy Route 18 w East Brunswick.
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