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Coaching is a form of advice. Often it is understood as a more collegial leadership, which it is not. It is a way to visualize the goals of the people involved, to recognize and develop the potential. The term coaching is used in companies to advise executives, those responsible for projects and teams, and it is carried out by independent consultants. Target groups for coaching are in particular executives, trainers, HR managers and organizational developers.


For coaching, there is part-time basic training for men and women who are confronted with leading or advisory tasks in their job, but are not trained in them or have little experience. It is an education of future-oriented social competence and thus a training for young as well as for "established" executives. In coaching, various situations are worked out in order to then be able to act competently and independently. At the same time it is also a kind of coaching for yourself. The training is not limited to the simple teaching of theory and methods, but promotes the holistic professional and personal development of the participants.


During the coaching, the coach proceeds systematically and the development and change processes are carefully analyzed. The approach is goal-oriented and the successes are measured against the goals set. The participants are motivated to use their resources and visions in a targeted manner and to implement them in their personal life based on the respective needs. Coaching can be particularly supportive for difficult and demanding tasks.


The training group is seen as a temporary learning organization that maps all aspects of the dynamics of individuals, teams and groups. A unique learning situation emerges from this approach, which is competently accompanied by experienced specialists. The coaching training enables the professional implementation of individual and team coaching. You get to know the process and develop your own coaching and leadership skills. Change processes are designed by means of target agreements and determination of the current situation. Work-related issues based on theories of systemic counseling / methods are reflected on. You deal with a selection of forms of intervention. Understand the psychology of conducting a conversation. Clients are supported in developing action plans. The social and psychosocial competence, which is reflected in trustworthy communication, is increased.


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