What are the benefits of eating drumsticks

The fruits of the horseradish or horse radish tree are 15 to 120 cm long, look like drumsticks and are almost as hard - which is why they are used in English-speaking countries Drum sticks to be named. The vegetable does not have a German name. The horse radish tree originally comes from the Himalayan region, but is now found worldwide in the tropics and subtropics - there are also some specimens on Santa Lemusa.

Character & use

The horse radish tree belongs to the moringa family, which consists of only one genus, after which it was named. The leaves, the seeds (for oil), the roots (for medicinal purposes) and, above all, the fruits of this multipurpose tree can be used. The leaves are often prepared like spinach - with lentils or potatoes, for example. Very young, unripe fruits can be cooked like beans - they are harvested 40 days after flowering. In the trade you can usually find somewhat older specimens, the delicate interior of which is surrounded by a tough, woody-fibrous shell that cannot be cooked softly. You can peel these fruits - but the fine flesh inside then disintegrates when cooked. The drumsticks are often cut into pieces around 2 cm long and cooked in sambars or other vegetable dishes. When eating, however, you have to spit out the hard fibers, which is not exactly elegant with a lot of sauce.

The drumsticks have their very own, full and slightly bitter taste that is a little reminiscent of artichoke, almost even more of asparagus and also a bit of avocado. Because of this delicate aroma, our favorite method of preparation is also very easy: You wash the fruit and cut it into pieces about 3 cm long. Then you boil some water with a little salt and let the drumsticks cook in it for five minutes (the fruits naturally have a high salt content, which is why, depending on your taste, you can do without salt in the cooking water). Drain and consume immediately. Of course, you only eat the inner, soft-boiled meat - for example, by opening the fruit with your fingers or teeth and then peeling off the inside with your teeth, similar to artichokes. You can add a little lemon to the drumsticks - but actually they taste best on their own. We prefer to serve it with a glass of white wine as an aperitif.

Systematics & other names

Family:Moringaceae (Moringa plants or Bennuss plants)

Scientific:Moringa oleifera

German:Horseradish tree, horse radish tree
English: horse radish tree

First Publication: 2-2008

Modifications: 3-3-2009, 3-10-2011