What celebrities have unusual interests and hobbies?

What our stars do in their free time!

If Quentin Tarantino When asked about his favorite hobby, he replies: "Filmmaking!". Fantastic when you can be A hobby becomes a job makes and earns his money with it.

Our other celebrities do not earn any money with their hobbies, but it is still interesting to know what one or the other star does to relax in his free time.

We also reveal which celebrity his favorite hobby no longer pursue because she's just too famous!

Here comes our hobby celebrity special:

1. Jennifer Aniston - the hobby psychologist!

By her own admission, Jen thinks she is excellent Hobby psychologist is. In her free time, she loves giving psychological tips. Especially in Love things, in her own opinion she would be a great advisor!

In an interview, she testified that she could well imagine that she would have pursued a career in this professional field if it hadn't worked out with acting.

2. Brad Pitt - the zookeeper!

The ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston and now probably the soon-to-be ex-husband of Angelina Jolie is the one Gerbils expired. Apparently he is incredibly fond of the little animals and watches them in his free time with his children.

So that the animals can really let off steam, he keeps them in a large enclosure with countless Tunnels, platforms or Rocking boards. In order to build the enclosure, of course, he didn’t use wood, log splitters, hammers and nails himself. The enclosure was made by professionals for incredible $ 100,000 built! The mice shouldn't live like dogs either!

3. Katie Price - the manual worker!

We would not have expected something so down-to-earth from the famous ex-pit slut - but Katie loves to sew! She told a British magazine that she loves sitting at her sewing machine and sewing her own clothes for her kids.

She also proudly emphasized that she was only about It takes 45 minutes to complete a pair of pants to sew! Not bad - we didn't think so!

4. Gisele Bündchen - take off!

The top model aims high and with one helicopter. And she doesn't just want to be on board, she wants to fly herself. The beautiful woman has made her own helicopter license so that she can see the world from above whenever she wants.

While she was equipped with wings at Victoria's Secret, in her free time she apparently prefers to lift without wings, but with them loud and rattling rotors from!

5. Audrey Tautou - the next star photographer?

The French actress likes to take pictures - but she is not interested in stars and celebrities, but rather in those who usually stand behind the cameras or conduct interviews with her.

The actress has made it her business to get from every intervieweewho has ever interviewed or will interview you, take a picture. It is not yet clear whether she will process this in a photo book or make a large collage, because Andrey does not yet know exactly what she will do to me with her pictures. So far she has just collected them at home - but at some point she may want the pictures for you Project vwork out. We are excited and sure that the creative artist will come up with something great!

6. Julia Roberts - Eat, Pray, Love - also privately!

The broadest grin in film history has very similar hobbies in private life as in the box office hit "Eat - Pray - Love"! Especially when she is stressed from the job, but also generally, she likes to start her days with Pilates or yoga.

From her house in New Mexico she has a great view of the mountains and she does her exercises in the morning Dream views and lots of fresh air. But otherwise Julia also likes to be in nature and can switch off and relax, especially when hiking. Not an extravagant hobby - rather one that is absolutely understandable!

And who can no longer pursue his hobby because of sheer celebrity?

Angelina Jolie!

Poor Angelina loved to just like herself in public transport Seat subways and people watch. Today, of course, the actress is far too famous to just secretly sit in a subway and watch. Rather, it is in our interest today - wherever it goes it is recognized and crowds of people quickly form around it. Unfortunately, there is not much left with silent observation!

In an interview with a website, Angelina said that it is extremely difficult for her, that she can no longer make people-watching so easy today. She finds it really a shame and it really bothered her.

We have a little pity, because watching people is also something beautiful beyond the celebrity world! But we also know that Angelina probably has enough opportunities to look for another nice pastime - and maybe she'll still be able to do it if she can really really well disguised.