What's your favorite darkest movie

On the darkest day

For me, Nora Roberts is a master of suspense novel! Hardly any other author manages this balanced mix of tension, psychological thriller elements, emotionality and romance as well as she does. With a lot of depth, she lets a rampage come alive that it makes goose bumps run down your spine. The book is very exciting. Nora Roberts describes the act itself, the motives that led to this act, but also how seriously the survivors of the massacre are influenced and impaired in their further lives. What inner strength is necessary to process what has been experienced. To find a strategy in order to be able to carry on a halfway "normal" life. Discreetly in the background and embedded in this framework plot, as you know it from Nora Roberts, is a beautiful, but never cheesy love story. Not too much of it, just the right dose. And it is always peppered with a good dose of humor. One of my favorite characters also takes care of that: Cici, Simone's young at heart, splattered hippi grandmother. It brings a lot of momentum into the hut. But basically every single character is fantastically drawn and completely authentic. Most of them are extremely personable and profound - to be taken immediately to the heart. But also others whom one begins to hate profoundly. All in all, a very impressive book by Nora Roberts.