When do I use whom against whom

Who is playing against whom and when?

Only a few days left until the kick-off of the OÖ Auto Günther Hallencup 2015, which will take place from 16 to 18 January in the HAKA-Arena Traun. In advance you can get an overview of the group division and the schedule. The sixteen teams of the Upper Austria League were divided into two groups according to regional criteria.

On Friday and Saturday, the four best teams in both the East and West groups will be determined in a duel, each against each other. A total of eight teams are still in the competition on Sunday, divided into two groups of four. Group A consists of the two best teams in Group East and the third and fourth placed teams in Group West. In Group B, the two best teams from Group West and the third and fourth placed teams from Group East play.

Then everyone against everyone again before the two best teams in Group A and Group B qualify for the cross games. The crowning glory of the Upper Austrian Auto Günther Indoor Cup is the game for third place and the grand finale. In the preliminary round games on Saturday, the playing time is 10 minutes, in the main round games and the subsequent knockout duels on Sunday 15 minutes.

There is one here Tournament grid for download.