Streaming is becoming more popular

139 billion streamed songs in 2020: audio streaming is becoming more and more popular in Germany

With 139 billion streamed songs, the streaming volume in Germany grew significantly again in 2020. Streaming remains the format with the highest sales on the German music market.

The streaming volume of 139 billion songs in 2020 was determined as part of a special evaluation by GfK Entertainment in cooperation with the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI).

In its press release, the BVMI speaks of an increase in streaming volume of a good 30 percent compared to 2019 (107 billion streams); Compared to 2018 (79.5 billion streams), growth of a good three quarters can be determined.

It doesn't work without copyright reform

The total of streaming views since the start of recording in 2013 is a total of 457 billion songs played. Dr. Florian Drücke, CEO of BVMI, comments on the ongoing growth as follows:

"Music is now largely heard online, which is also reflected in the market mix: In the first six months of 2020, two thirds (65.7%) of sales came from audio streaming revenues, along with downloads and video -Streaming, three quarters of sales were generated online. "

The relevance of the digital market also illustrates the industry's commitment to the correct implementation of the European Copyright Directive and the demands for a departure from the German "Sonderweg".

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