How has the internet promoted globalization

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Many people wonder whether globalization has contributed to the spread of the corona pandemic and what effects the pandemic will have on further globalization.

A virus travels the world

What is certain is that globalization has promoted the rapid spread of the virus. Goods are sent halfway around the world, business people fly from city to city, and more and more tourists travel to distant countries. All of this contributed to the rapid spread of the pandemic. In the Middle Ages, it took many years for the plague to reach Europe after its first outbreak in Asia. Few people at that time embarked on a journey that lasted for months or even years. In contrast, the coronavirus only took a few weeks to spread across the globe.

Better options in the fight against Corona

However, globalization also improves the chances of fighting the pandemic. It only took science a few weeks to recognize the virus and understand how it worked. Politicians around the world were warned and measures were taken to combat the spread of the disease. Another great advantage of globalization is that pandemics today claim fewer victims because scientists work together internationally. The results of the research are exchanged and current figures and information are published on the Internet within a few hours.

The future of globalization

The corona crisis also made the problems of the global division of work visible. Now that many national borders are closed and goods from distant countries no longer easily reach their destination, it becomes clear how dependent modern states are on global trade. In Germany itself, not as many products to fight the virus are produced as we actually need. Important drugs and medical aids such as respiratory masks are mainly manufactured abroad. Parts of high-quality economic goods such as cars that are not made in Germany for cost reasons are also missing for production. It is therefore quite possible that some of the consequences of globalization will be rethought in the post-pandemic period.