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Learn russian. How heavy is this?

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See or listen to a Russian text with no prior knowledge and most likely you will not understand a word. But does that also mean that Russian is a difficult language to learn? You need two important keys to understand the Russian language.

The key to the Russian script

Russian is written in Cyrillic script. It comes from ancient Greek and is similar to the Latin alphabet that you will now use to read this text. At 33 letters, it's a pretty clear alphabet. You can replace these letters almost one-to-one with a letter from the Latin alphabet.

Knowing the scriptures will open a door to the Russian language for you. Once deciphered, you can see that many Russian words are similar to what you already know. Russian has many loan words from English, German, French and even Dutch.

The key to Russian pronunciation

In languages ​​like Italian and Spanish, consonants and vowels alternate, which makes pronunciation very clear. In Slavic languages ​​one often sees many consonants in a row. And that makes it harder to pronounce and understand words. A little consolation: Compared to other Slavic languages, Russian isn't that bad when it comes to consonants.

Because of the amount of sibilant sounds, Russian is a difficult language to understand. But a little trained ear can distinguish sounds well.

And then the grammar ...

The Russian language belongs to a different language family than English, Dutch, and German, all of which are Germanic languages. The grammar therefore differs significantly. There are many rules in Russian, but fortunately only a few exceptions. Russian has six cases, which is pretty complicated. On the other hand, there is no need to consider articles, and the order of words in the sentence is flexible.

You put in as much effort as you want

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter how difficult it is to learn a language, but how well you are guided in it. When you have language trainers who will teach you everything in a logical order and see how you best learn, it is worth its weight in gold. If you've struggled to learn a language for years and still don't speak a word, you will consider any language an impregnable fortress.

Learn Russian according to your own ideas

With Regina Coeli you can learn Russian in a short time. In an intensive course, you will learn the basics of the Russian language in just one week and you will soon find that you can hold conversations in Russian. The duration of your course will depend on your current level and your final goals. Let one of our language trainers advise you and find out how you can best learn Russian.

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