What is the best Mexican chocolate

Delicious than historical

Mayan Olympus was inhabited by the gods Tlaloc, lord of rains and souls, his wife Xochiquetzal, goddess of joy and love, and their guide Quetzalcoatl. This powerful leader loved people so much that he cared about teaching them important knowledge. Like the march of the stars, the measurement of time and the changing of the seasons. In this way they used the times of rain and drought for sowing and harvesting.

He loved people so much. One day he stole a beautiful red fruit tree that was jealously guarded by the other gods. Then Quetzalcoatl took the tree and gave it to the people. The fruit was roasted and then beaten with water, and from there came a powerful and heavenly drink called xocolātl. It was such a sacred preparation that it was only consumed by priests and nobles here on earth. Then the Toltecsb became so wise and happy that the other gods felt envy. They retaliated by destroying the Tolte people, who oppressed the gentle Quetzalcoatl who went into exile.

Only something as delicious as chocolate (xocolātl) would have such a wonderful and magical story. It was a royal drink and for the warrior caste. They consumed chocolate as a kind of bitter cream until the fateful arrival of the Spanish army. It was very fateful because many Mexican warriors lost their lives, but everything calmed down for a while. The Mexican King Moctezuma mistakenly considers the Spaniard Hernán Cortés to be a deity and offers him this divine drink. Cortés said a cocoa drink could help a soldier. So a soldier could walk for a whole day without having to eat another meal. Wonderful!

Chocolate, like all soil products, needs other substances to make it more attractive to all the senses. When Cortés brought this drink to the Spanish kings, they refused it because of its dirty appearance and bitter taste. For this reason, it has been modified and enriched with honey.

Now we know that chocolate is an important source of antioxidants. It also contributes to blood circulation and improves brain function. The wonderful thing about chocolate is that it helps release hormones known as serotonin and endorphin. They inhibit the feeling of anger and stimulate the feeling of well-being, euphoria, pleasure and excitement. The best pain reliever and natural antidepressant ever!

With that in mind, our beautiful and beloved Mexico has one of the best chocolates in the world. That's why you can't stop trying the whole variety of delicious xocolātloffers for yourself, muggles! Did you know that the largest chocolate producer in the country is Tabasco? The quality of Mexican cocoa is so good that it is only used by many Swiss and Belgian chocolatiers. That is why we leave a number of places here for you, the chocolate lover.

Que Bois is the evolutionary Mexican chocolate shop. What a label! It's not just its name and concept that are amazing. The sensations that its chocolates evoke will make you fly. It's one of the best chocolate shops in the world. Its creator, José Ramón Castillo, explains the evolutionary Que Bouses chocolate factory, which only sources products from the producer.

In this way they achieve a product that is manufactured in its entirety in the country. It excludes any type of refinement or processing. Your chocolate per se is not only a delicious work of art, but also a wonderful chocolate drink. The pozol, the tejate, the tascalate, the bitter and sweet meta chocolate are delicious. You should also try the oatmeal and the horchatawith with cocoa. They are some of the delicious concoctions that you will find there. Their specialties include Chicle Motita de Plátano, Sugus de Uva, Café de Olla, Mango con Chamoy and others. All are worth trying.

This delicious company is the result of the merger of Mexico and Belgium. It offers a unique proposal for a chocolate without coloring, flavoring or preservatives. Some delicious products are the candied chocolate bananas, chocolate chapulins and hazelnuts. The Chipotle lets you travel between sweet and spicy, is a small sample of what this shop has in store for you.

Le Caméleónconstantly has tasting and pairing promotions, and its stores are spread across Mexico. You have no excuse to lose her. Don't forget to order the Xoxoshots. There are some chocolate cups that serve your favorite mezcal, tequila or rum and then devour the cup. Deliciously great!

From truffles to chocolate, almond and caramel florentinas, this shop offers the most delicious of the chocolate fusion. This atelier can create a chocolate shape for every occasion and every feeling. The tortugassuffed with a smooth and nutty toffee are amazingly made for a first love. The pistachio chocolate surprises with its origin. Pistachio trees rely on the wind to reproduce. Then this mixture of pistachio and chocolate almonds will fly to remind you that the amalgamation of different strengthens love.

Something that you surely have to try is the collection of spices. They are delicious and peculiar chocolate products made from a mixture of chilli and chocolate. Energetic and analgesic properties are attributed to it, so if something hurts you can find a candy store.

Dark, white, milky, new guard or vintage, here you have it. You can find sour fruits or nuts coated in dark chocolate. Pralines with raspberry filling, hazelnut pralines, dark chocolate with puffed rice filling, chocolate with amaretto filling, with jasmine and continue counting.

It's impossible to decide, so try to taste them all. They also run workshops for those who want to become chocolate masters. Diversity is the motto of this important company.

At the end of the sixties, a Swiss chef named Jean Franco Arnoldi bet on Mexico and won. The people of Arnoldi specialize in packing their delicious chocolates in magical boxes, they are distinguished by the fact that they only use Mexican cocoa. They are also entirely handcrafted, which guarantees the unique taste that your palate will thank you for. Try the swarms of corn flakes with chocolate and milk. You will hallucinate.

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When all of your tech gear is ready, there is no excuse to miss out on the best places in Mexico to try chocolate. In the meantime, we'll leave you a note to keep you entertained. Did you know that the owner of the Hershey chocolate company, Milton Hershey, was saved from sinking into the doomsday Titanic? He was struggling to run his business. Saved by chocolate. Come to Mexico, eat a lot of chocolate and save your life too!