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Injured and disappointed (book) Anne Graham Lotz

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Anne Graham

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When Christians hurt and disappoint one another, it hurts twice. To be attacked from within your own ranks hurts. Wounds from Christian swords are slow to heal.
It's very hard to get over it. Some Christians then go into spiritual exile, leaving churches and fellowship. They are not cured by it.

Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of Billy Graham) has also experienced many disappointments in her blessed ministry. Problems in the community, rejection of the person, misunderstandings, questioning of integrity - she writes from her own experience.

Can injured hearts be healed again? Can we separate between God and humans, or do we even keep an inner distance from God? Is my relationship with God strong enough to survive crises and even emerge stronger? Can there be forgiveness and restoration?

This sensitive book moves these thoughts, answers questions and shows how lovingly God follows us. The events of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar are the biblical example.

bound, 256 pages

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