Why was Wireshark developed

Wireshark software

From the sky to the oceans

Wireshark is the world's leading network troubleshooting and analysis tool. Developed under the "heavenly" important name Ethereal and later renamed, the open source software lives up to its new trademark: Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it developed into the market leader in a very short time. The software, which is available free of charge, proves its positive properties particularly in the field of protocol analysis.

Screenshot Wireshark

Psychic properties

With seven senses, Haie have an extraordinary sensor system - a role model for networkers, but one that constantly challenges them. Just as sharks track their prey with unmistakable instinct, networkers pursue problems on the Internet, a project that requires more than logical thinking. System-related know-how and a lot of experience must also be added. Keeping them up-to-date means lifelong learning. And while sharks have had millions of years to adapt, networkers are forced to keep up with rapid developments. Networkers can also be compared to the guardians of the natural equilibrium of the world's oceans because they contribute to the stability of global networks and solve connectivity problems - or do not allow them to arise in the first place.

"Sniffing Problems a Mile Away"

The shark among the software alternatives follows the founder's slogan: "Sniffing Problems a Mile Away". It testifies to the outstanding strength of Wireshark, which is based on its more than 900 protocol decoders. The fast availability of new decodes is the result of what more than 600 developers worldwide have worked on together and keep constantly up-to-date. Their experience and their keen sense for possible problems make the analysis tool, which runs on all important operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD and others, unique.

Free download of the full version from www.wireshark.org.

Cooperation with foresight

Current information, years of market knowledge - and visionary thinking - sharpen the view of what has the future. For Rolf Leutert, Wireshark was one of the most promising tools right from the start - an occasion to get in direct contact with the founder of the open source software, Gerald Combs. A close cooperation with CACE Technologies, the former supporting company of Wireshark, developed. Since Riverbed Technology took over ownership of the open source tool in 2010, Leutert NetServices has been working in partnership with the new Wireshark sponsor.

Gerald Combs (right) and Rolf Leutert, network sharks among themselves.