Why are ship girls so popular?

About color fairies and smelly socks: summer theater in the park

You can meet for free and outside on seven summer Sundays in the Volksgarten - at the invitation of Akki. The association Aktion & Kultur mit Kinder, Akki for short, not only offers exhibitions, workshops and projects, but also has a lot in its program that you can just drop by with the kids. The summer theater in the park series of events is a great action. “The pieces have age recommendations from four or five years, but of course you can also bring younger children with you,” says Sonja Hirschberg from Akki. Because that's the nice thing about the summer theater: You can just come by without registering, grab a chair or seat cushion and look for a place between the secluded trees that provide pleasant shade when the heat is high. You just have to be on time, because the curtain opens at 3 p.m. - whatever the weather. When it rains, "we just go to the Akki house," says Hirschberg. The new program offers an exciting mix of pieces from well-known and new productions that are on the Akki summer stage for the first time. It's about enigmatic letters, ship girls named fish fingers who dream of a beautiful pirate life, about color fairies and smelly socks. There is not only classical (children's) theater played, but also sung or artistic gymnastics over a tightrope, as in the adventure story about Captain Fiore and sailor Silver on July 29th. On the Sunday before that, the Berlin band "3Berlin", which is popular with children and parents alike, is a guest - a real summer concert!


Sunday, June 24th, 2018

The ship girl is called fish fingers and seeks the beautiful pirate life with friendship and palm trees. Captain Stinkesocke longs for wild adventures and is looking for the lazy Lenz. Armed with a broom, ladder and scrubber, they fight their way bravely through all the inconveniences that broom closet equipment entails. They indulge their anticipation freely and informally.
Die Theaterkiste, Bergen, ages five and up


Sunday, July 1st, 2018

The fairy tale of Hans im Glück is played with nothing. But the imagination allows everything. A great horse trots across the stage, the cow “Else” doesn't want to move forward, the sow “Rosa” is sitting thickly in the wheelbarrow and the goose “Suse” lays an egg. The crook gathers to get as much as possible. Everything is traded and yet nothing.
Theater Schreiber & Post, Dresden, ages four and up

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Every day Rita receives letters with beautiful poems, riddles and songs. But who is sending this mail to Rita? A famous hero maybe - or someone completely different? While Rita dreams to herself and writes a letter to the stranger, the postman Fritz doesn’t leave her side. On his bright yellow bike he does the best tricks until Rita (finally!) Notices that the one he is looking for is very close ...
Kazibaze Theater, Berlin, ages four and up


Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Cast off! We escape everyday life! A stranded fish ends up in a teapot in the middle of the kitchen of a somewhat strange woman. Armed with a map, bathing suit and towel, the woman and fish set off for the sea in an old VW Beetle. With great vitality, weird humor, delicate poetry, accompanied by an accordion, “Maritime” tells of an unbelievable journey.
Compagnie Les Petits Délices, Namur (Belgium), from four years

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

The summer pop concert at Akki: twelve delicious songs by ticklish crocodiles, hedgehogs in love, dancing smelly socks and much more! The concert combines children's songs with brains for laughing, dancing, rhyming, sleeping and singing. In short: it's nonsense with quality and with songs for little ones that adults also like to listen to. A must for children who love music and all parents who want to be able to endure the CD even after the hundredth time!
3Berlin, ages four and up

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Captain Fiore and Seaman Silver have to face various dangers on their steel cable ship. You will experience storms on the high seas, outbreaks of passion, rebellion and mutiny in rhythmic alternation with extravagant scenes of everyday life on board. A story on a tightrope in which the lives of the characters and the skills of the artists are closely intertwined.
Los Filonautas, Orvieto (Italy), ages four and up

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Grimm repairs the bicycles, because today Gebrr and Grimm want to go on a big bike tour. But there is a little catch: Gebrr has absolutely no desire to ride a bike today! And no art of persuasion can induce her to get on her bike after all ... Unless, yes, except Grimm, she would tell a fairy tale, but one without cycling. Then she would think again.
Theater Kreuz & Quer, Duisburg, ages five and up