How many islands are there in the Maldives

The most beautiful islands in the Maldives

The Maldives are a real dream travel destination, especially for couples. But not only couples will be happy here, the Maldives, with their paradisiacal character and incredible underwater world, are a great travel destination for everyone. Since the island state is an archipelago and consists of several atolls and over 1000 islands, vacationers often ask themselves where exactly they should go now. I will help you decide and show you the 11 most beautiful islands in the Maldives.

Maldives islands at a glance

1. Baros in the Malé Atoll - the luxury paradise

The island of Baros on the Maldives is one of the classics. On this island, however, you can expect higher prices and a luxury ambience. Nevertheless, the place with perfect water conditions and a paradisiacal environment is very suitable for a relaxed beach holiday.

The island is very small and within 10 minutes you can explore it on foot. In addition, Baros is only a few kilometers from the Capital Malé located on the main island.

2. Maayafushi in the Ari Atoll - the barefoot island

The Maayafushi Island is run under Italian hands and therefore you will also find many Italians there. But you can also meet German vacationers. Maayafushi is home to an exotic nature inside. On the coast you can expect beautiful lagoons with great fine sandy beaches that invite you to swim and relax.

A special feature of the island is the fact that Maayafushi is a Barefoot island in the Maldives is, that means on the island people only walk around barefoot. The decision of your shoe choice is therefore already made for you on Maayafushi. This fact makes Maayafushi Island one of the most popularmost beautiful islands in the Maldives.

3. Kanifushi in Lhaviyani Atoll - The longest beach in the Maldives

On Kanifushi Island you can do one of the lscared beaches in the Maldives admire. The island is located in the Lhaviyani Atoll and is one of the few resort islands in this area.

And otherwise Kanifushi delivers everything you could wish for in the Maldives, an exclusive resort, endless white sandy beach surrounded by tropical palm trees and a bright blue sea.

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4. Meeru in the Malé Atoll - The largest island in the Malé Atoll

Meerufenfushi Island, abbreviated to Meeru, is one of the largest and most natural Islands in the Malé Atoll. That's why she definitely belongs to the most beautiful islands in the Maldives. It is approx. 1.2 km long and 350 m wide. The outer reef of the island offers ideal conditions for divers.

At the magnificent lagoons you can pursue the wide range of water sports such as sailing or surfing, or just let your mind wander. In such an environment it happens all by itself anyway.

5. Velassaru in Kaafu Atoll - The best location in the Maldives

Velassaru is located in the Kaafu (South) Malé Atoll and is therefore only 12 kilometers from the capital. You can reach them from Male by speedboat in just 25 minutes. The advantageous location is one of the reasons why Velassaru is one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives belongs.

With a diameter of 450 by 230 meters, the island convinces with dreamlike sandbanks and turquoise water. On Velassaru there is a great spa and wellness offer, especially for couples, especially for newlyweds. In addition, you can easily relax on the island, go snorkeling or canoeing.

6. Kuredu in Lhaviyani Atoll - The greenest island in the Maldives

You are looking for them greenest island in the Maldives? Then you are very welcome to Kuredu. This elongated island in the Lhaviyani Atoll is made for a relaxing beach vacation. There is plenty for everyone who can't do without a little adrenaline Water sports on Kuredu.

Try kitesurfing or water skiing or discover the underwater world of the Maldives. In the inner reef of Kuredu you will find two well-preserved wrecks that you can explore during a dive.

7. Eriyadu in Malé Atoll - the lonely romantic island

Another island in the Malé Atoll is the small island paradise Eriyadu. The island measures just 0.04 square kilometers and is a pretty lonely corner of the Maldives. But in a positive sense: To the Beaches of Eriyadu There are hardly any people around, so it can happen that you have an entire beach to yourself.

So grab your loved one and treat yourself to a romantic picnic on the beach at sunset. The small romantic island is perfect for a break for two and therefore one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives.

8. Nika in Ari Atoll - private beaches at each villa

The trip to the most beautiful islands in the Maldives continues on Nika in the Ari Atoll. Nika is the only island in the Maldives where every villa has its own own private beach Has. Meter-high palm trees, tropical bushes and fine sandy beaches as far as the eye can see make the Maldives vacation perfect. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your family, as a couple, alone or with friends, this beautiful island paradise takes away all your everyday worries.

9. Angaga in the Ari Atoll - the fantastic island paradise

Our next candidate is only about 350 meters long and 130 meters wide most beautiful islands in the Maldives. Angaga is located in the Ari Atoll and is small but mighty. The beautifully framed lagoon invites you to jump into the deep blue ocean and the nearby house reef is ideal for diving and snorkeling.

On Angaga you can go to a diving station to your heart's content and marvel at the Maldives under the water surface.

10. Veligandu in Rasdhoo Atoll - Eldorado for divers

Another beautiful Maldives islandthat I can recommend to you is Veligandu in the Rasdhu Atoll, a little further east of Ari Atoll. With a length of 600 meters and a width of 150 meters, the island offers you everything a vacationer's heart desires.

Translated, Veligandu means "large sandbank" and that is exactly what awaits you here: an endless sandy beach. The Outer reef of Veligandu is considered one of the most beautiful in the Maldives and that means something! The dazzling underwater world invites you to enjoy hours of diving.

11. Mudhdhoo in Baa Atoll - Marvel at the shining sea

We're already at the end of our list of most beautiful islands in the Maldives arrived. The last island I would like to introduce to you is Mudhdhoo in Baa Atoll. You only get to see the peculiarity of this island at sunset. Because as soon as it gets dark, they light up Mudhdhoo beaches little blue stars up.

The Sea of ​​Stars in the Maldives is one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world. You shouldn't miss the blue sea glow if you have one Vacation in the Maldives spends.

The Maldives are not only attractive for couples, but everyone can feel in the Maldives as in the Garden of Eden. Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and on the picturesque beaches you can forget everything around you. These most beautiful islands in the Maldives are already waiting for you, but what are you waiting for is the question? Because the Maldives are also in autumn or a common travel destination in winter. Book your Maldives travel deal directly through mine Travel search engine. If the wanderlust calls you, then the Maldives is definitely the right destination for you.

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