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Cannot verify custom domain with Firebase with Namecheap

After following the instruction by pasting the Firebase provided text record 1 into my NameCheap, I keep getting this error message:

Current status: Unfortunately we could not verify your domain.

This message has been displayed for about 5 days.

I took screenshots of the Firebase and Namecheap settings as follows:

After @Frank van Puffelen suggested changing the host value from my domain name to @, this is the screenshot and after a few hours we will wait until it can hopefully be verified successfully.

After a few hours of waiting, the following message appears:


Other reports and the information on this Google page about checking Namecheap domains suggests that you may need to use these for the host field.

On the Namecheap website, click next to the domain you want to verify with your Google service Manage .

  1. In the domain dashboard, click the tab Extended DNS .

  2. Scroll down and click you in the table with the Host records on New record Add.

  3. Choose TXT record from the Record Type drop-down list.

  4. Paste the entire verification record into the field value a.

  5. Enter @ in the field Host a.

  6. Leave that TTL Field to automatic.

  7. Click the green check mark to save your TXT record.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours to update the change. However, when you follow the next steps in the setup wizard, the wizard will immediately look for your new TXT record to verify your domain.

Can you try this If it doesn't work, please let me know and also contact [email protected]

Your attached screens do not show your CNAME configuration. Although Firebase instructions actually only request two TXT records, records both of which are set up correctly as your screens show, I believe that those two TXT records that Firebase requests request do not relieve you of the need to have at least one Set up CNAME in addition to recording both TXT records.

This was my case: even though I didn't set a CNAME record, Firebase never recognized my domain.

I'm not an expert (sorry!), But in the absence of other answers, even I can be helpful in suggesting that you set up your CNAME record to point to:

In my case, this was enough for Firebase to work just fine and recognize my domain.

In my particular case, and I will at least register here for my future use, I have preferred to use both A records provided by firebase as a follow-up as a route to my domain without www.

I believe CNAME can do this, but in my case the final setup was:

With this configuration everything works fine. Goal achieved.

As a future step, it would be helpful to learn how to accomplish a similar goal by using the CNAME record pointing to the Firebase domain rather than A records pointing to IP addresses provided by the Firebase.

Hope this helps other users in a similar situation!

I also had issues connecting my custom domain. Aside from using @ in the host field and the CNAME, you also need A records. Here is everything I ended up with. I sat back for a while for the domain to spread (I had just bought it) and waited 10 minutes after adding all the records and it worked. I also found helpful instructions in this blog post.

I had the same problem for days (my custom domain made it through the verification phase but couldn't connect) but it turned out that I didn't need to change my DNS configuration to fix it (the screenshot for the working Configuration is below for reference).

I just had to run the Connect Domain wizard again.

Hosting -> select the vertical ellipses under your custom domain -> delete domain -> then click Join Domain to start the wizard again.

namecheap dns configuration

Use this tool to find your domain to see if there are any DNS errors. Https://

For me (with namecheap) I had to remove all existing records, then only the TXT record worked. Reference: this post

I had the same problem and used Namecheap support. Then they provided me with the following properties that I could change when I linked Namecheap to Firebase.

  1. For the TXT records, host @ should be used instead of be
  2. For the CNAME records, remove the domain name below from the host.

    In this example, the value be


    and not

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