How is the night life in Bern Switzerland

Party & nightlife in Bern

With its countless bars, pubs, clubs and discos, the pulsating nightlife in Bern is suitable for all night owls and party fans.

Bern is for its lively nightlifeknown. As soon as it gets dark, the streets and squares around the many bars, pubs, clubs and discos in the city center start to fill up and everyone tries to get a seat in the most famous restaurants. Not to be forgotten, however, are the large number of cinemas and theater events that regularly make the hearts of those interested in culture beat faster.

Bern - party & nightlife


Although the city looks rather dreamy at first, Bern has a multitude of interesting bars a ...

Discos - clubs

The nightlife in Bern is quite remarkable despite the manageable number of inhabitants. On the one hand, this may be due to the significant ...

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Clock Tower - Zytglogge

The clock tower is one of the most important sights of the city and was once the connection to the first expansion of the city.

Bear pit

The bear pit is a kennel that houses the Bern city bears. Bern has this animal in its coat of arms.

Bern Minster

The Bern Minster is the most impressive late Gothic building in the city and is world famous for its enormous dimensions.

Dählhölzli zoo

The zoo is home to more than 200 different animal species, making it a real attraction for the whole family.

Cage tower

The Käfigturm is the seat of the political forum of the federal government, and forms the second west gate of the city next to the clock tower.


The Bern parliament building was completed in 199 as a monumental building and is the seat of the government and parliament of Switzerland.