How are objects tested for biodegradability

ISEGA research and investigation company mbH

ISEGA offers the investigation of a wide variety of materials Compostability and other tests in the subject area biodegradability at. While paper, cardboard and other cellulose-based products traditionally still play a major role in our company, the testing of (bio) plastics has been gaining in importance over the past few years.

The standard offer includes checking the industrial compostability according to the specifications z. B. from EN 13432, ISO 17088, DIN EN 14995 and / or ASTM D 6400 with all required partial aspects (material characterization - biodegradability - disintegration - ecotoxicity).

In recent times, especially in the bioplastics sector, there has been an increasing demand for compostability under non-industrial conditions (keyword: home composting), which is why we have continuously expanded our range of tests in this area. In January 2017 we were able to successfully expand our recognition at DIN CERTCO to include home compostability tests, so that we can offer you all tests of the leading standards NF T51-800 and AS 5810 under certification conditions.

For the certification of products for the North American market, we have been offering you the test according to ASTM D 6400 and ASTM D 6868 since March 2018 in accordance with a new joint certification program by DIN CERTCO and the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

We are approved by DIN CERTCO to carry out tests in accordance with the following certification programs (reg.-number: PL045, as of March 2018):

  • Products made from compostable materials ("seedling")
  • Products made from compostable materials ("DIN-Geprüft industrially compostable")
  • For the composting process harmless additives ("DIN-Geprüft Additive EN 13432")
  • Products made from compostable materials for home and garden composting ("DIN-Geprüft garden compostable")

In addition to the above-mentioned tests aimed directly at product certification, we also create individually tailored test designs at the customer's request, e.g. during development or as part of internal issues. Furthermore, we offer cost- and time-saving screening tests in order to be able to estimate the chances of success of an examination under certification conditions in advance.

We routinely use the following tests (selection):

  • Quantitative and qualitative disintegration tests on a pilot scale, e.g. according to ISO 16929 / EN 14045
  • Testing for biodegradability according to ISO 14855 / ASTM D 5338, on request also at different temperatures (10-60 ° C)
  • Testing for biodegradability according to ISO 14851
  • Material characterization, e.g. B. in accordance with Table A.1 EN 13432, including IR transmission spectroscopy and physical material tests
  • Ecotoxicity tests with plants according to OECD guideline 208
  • Ecotoxicity tests with lumbricides according to ASTM E 1676