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What does PMI®, what does PMP®?
Requirements for the PMP®-Certification
How long does the preparation take?
How do I apply for the PMP®-Certificate?
How and where is testing carried out?
What does the PMP cost®-Certification?
How long is the certificate valid?
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What does PMI®? And what does PMP stand for®?

PMP® stands for "Project Management Professional”(Expert). The PMP®-Certificate is issued by the PMI®, the Project Management Institute. The PMP®-Certificate is that The world's most successful seal of approval for experienced project managers and leaders.

PMI® is the the world's largest (US) project management association. The design framework of the PMI® (Project Management Institute) has established itself worldwide as leading standard for project management established.

With the PMP®-Certification Confirm that you have mastered the most important methods and have sufficient competence to plan and manage demanding projects according to recognized standards.

What are the requirements for the PMP®-Certification?

As prerequisites for the PMP®-Exam leaves PMI®two categories of test candidates who differ with regard to the Level of education and the Experience in project management distinguish:

Category 1

At the time of applying for certification, you have one of the High school degree comparable. In Germany they are Abitur, technical diploma or Middle school leaving certificate plus vocational training.

Within the last eight years at least you were 60 months in a leading position in project management.

Category 2

At the time of the application you have one comparable to the one Baccalaureate Degree. The counterpart in Germany is the academic degree (Bachelor equivalent).

Within the last eight years at least you were 36 months in a leading position in project management.

Project management training

The following applies to both categories: You have at one at least 35 hours of project management training across all process groups and areas of knowledge of PMBOK® Guide took part. You can prove this with the KAYENTA preparation training for PMP®-Certification (if you are a holder of a valid CAPM certificate, you do not need this proof).

All essential Information on admission to exams are in the current PMP® Handbook (PDF) summarized.

➩ Training to prepare for PMP certification according to PMI

How long does the preparation take? What do I need for that?

We recommend starting your preparation well in advance of the exam.

Most candidates invest after the PMP® Preparation training again 80 to 100 hours for self-study.

Preparation with literature and simulation software with test questions

We recommend literature in addition to the current official one PMBOK® Guide this current textbook:

- "PMP Exam Prep 10th Edition" by Rita Mulcahy (RMC Verlag)

An exam simulation software with realistic exam questions is also useful for preparation. This Training tool helps you to get the most out of the PMP®- Prepare for exams.

How do I apply for the PMP®-Certificate?

To register for the PMP®-Exam to register Yourself first online at PMI® (

When you have received your personal access data, fill out the online form for Proof of your project experience and send it off. You can find out what is important in our preparation training for PMP®-Certification.

The PMI® checks your entries. After about five days you will receive from the PMI® the Eligibility Letter. In the best case, you will receive an ID (identification number). This allows you to register for the exam at a Pearson VUE test center or for the online exam. The Eligibility Letter is one year from application valid, i.e. you have to attend the PMP within 12 months®-Go exam.


Approximately 10% percent of the candidates are audited. That means you come in for an audit and PMI® checks the information you have provided.

Candidates must do so within six weeks Submit receipts (Proof of school leaving certificate and the 35-hour PMP®-Preparatory training).

For the Proof of project experience Employer references or project assignments are usually requested. In addition, the candidates must Reference persons name that confirm the project experience, for example team and project leaders or members of management.

Read about this on the technical article: How to pass an audit.

How and where is testing carried out?

The PMP® exam can be taken at a Pearson VUE test center worldwide or online. In Germany there are test centers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich

You take the exam as a Computer test. Within 230 minutes are 180 multiple choice questions to answer.

The language of the examination is English. But there are also translation aids, among other things in German. A written exam is generally possible, but only on request and for larger groups or companies. The participant will be informed of the result immediately.

You can do this within a year take the exam a maximum of three times. If you do not pass the exam in the third round, you have to wait a year before you can re-register for the exam.

Investment: What does a PMP cost®-Certification?

They consist of the preparatory training, the literature and the examination fee. PMI®-Members pay for the PMP®- Exam 340.00 euros. The examination fee is for non-members 465.00 euros. So you can with Total costs of approx. 2,500 - 3,000 euros calculate.

Recommendation: PMI®-Become a member!

The PMI®- Membership costs around 115.00 euros, so it definitely pays off. We recommend membership with PMI®  also because of other advantages.

How to get the PMBOK Guide® as a PDF document and as a member, for example, from the PMI® Bookstore offers discounted literature shopping. You can other PMP®- Get to know members at the local chapter meetings and in internet forums and exchange experiences. With the PMI®-Membership you commit to the "Code of Professional Conduct”To be observed.

Here you can find out everything about the advantages of being a member of the PMI®.

PMP recertification®

Re-certification: How long is the PMP®-Certificate valid?

The PMP®-Certificate is three years valid for a long time. After that, a recertification is required. To do this, you need to be within the 3-year period at least 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units).

A PDU is a unit of measure used to evaluate training and professional activity in the field of project management. You will receive one (1) PDU for every hour of planned and structured activity.

You can obtain PDUs for active activity as project leaderr as well as for your own further education in the .

You can acquire PDUs in different ways and activities:

  • As an active project manager, you will receive up to 8 PDUs in 3 years
  • You attend a seminar and develop yourself further
  • You are attending lectures at your local PMI®-Chapters part
  • You are attending a conference on project management
  • You read books (“Self-Directed Learning), up to 30 PDUs possible
  • You take part in a coaching (1 PDU per hour)
  • Give a presentation on project management or write an article

tip: Create a folder, in which you collect receipts for reported activities. PMI® regularly makes random samples of randomly selected PMPs® Certificate holders to check the correctness and completeness of the documents submitted. All You should keep documents for at least 18 months.

➩ Official training to prepare for PMP® certification according to PMI


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PMI® Authorized Training Partner (ATP) is the seal of quality for training providersthat are on PMP®-Certifications are specialized.

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PMI® (Project Management Institute), PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management), PMP® (Project Management Professional), PMI-ACP® (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner) are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI is a service and trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. which is registered in the United States and other nations.




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