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The Büetzer Buebe have to postpone their concerts in Letzigrund again. Photo: Nils Sager

The corona pandemic also makes Gölä and Trauffer niece the postponement dates: After the two concerts should have taken place in August 2020 and were postponed to this August a year ago, the Büetzer Buebe are now at the same point again. The concerts have to be postponed again and will now take place on August 19 and 20, 2022, according to the musicians.

Optimism and reality

Gölä and Trauffer have remained optimistic for a long time and had hoped to keep their concert dates for the coming August. In vain, that is now certain. “It's just so weird,” says Trauffer. «The first postponement already hurt, but to have to disappoint our fans again now, that's the horror. But there is no other way - how? That we will be able to play in Letzigrund this August is absolutely no longer realistic. And if we cannot start planning and implementation now, it is simply too late. "

The concerts that had already been postponed from last year would have taken place next August. Photo: Lia Näpflin
"The Letzi would have exploded"

The anticipation was huge not only at Gölä and Trauffer but also among the fans. After this whole year without events and concerts, it would have been high time to really celebrate again and leave all the hardship and everyday life behind, according to the Büetzer Buebe. «The Letzi would have exploded from sheer energy, guaranteed. Our fans are hungry for music and pure joie de vivre - and that will be our concert. Who knows, maybe even the whole of Zurich would have exploded, ”Gölä grins. The Büetzer Buebe celebrated and danced two evenings in a row with a total of almost 100,000 fans. Nothing will come of it. There is absolutely no planning security. However, this would be an absolute must for everyone involved, because the stage builders, technicians, gastro planners and everyone else from the event industry cannot afford any “idle runs” after this economically catastrophic year, as the musicians emphasize.

New concert dates

The Büetzer Buebe had sought a conversation with the city of Zurich again and are now allowed to announce two new dates for their concerts in the Letzigrund Stadium: Gölä and Trauffer will play their two concerts on Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, 2022. The tickets already purchased remained valid for the new dates. “After all,” they both agree, “the anticipation will last a year longer. We supply our fans with funny and stupid videos for a year longer and can practice for another year. And when the time comes in 2022, we promise that, we will add an extra layer of madness as a thank you for your incredible patience! "