Are wendigos real

"Antlers" in the Comic-Con focus: Wendigo horror film presented

A teacher (Keri Russell) in a small town in Oregon and her brother (Jesse Plemons), the local sheriff, find out that a young student (Jeremy T. Thomas, Lore) keeps a dangerous secret with terrifying consequences. This is the synopsis for Antlers, and in a Comic-Con @ Home panel video speaking with director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) and producer Guillermo del Toro about their horror film.

This panel begins with a new featurette in which Cooper explains that himself Antlers revolves around the Indian legend of the wendigo. In order to do everything right, he has Chris Eyre (Smoke signals), which he had previously contributed to Enemies - Hostiles was of great help when bringing First Nations consultants on board and consulting Grace L. Dillon, a professor at Portland State University and a recognized Wendigo expert. As for the wendigo himself, it is important for del Toro to emphasize that he is not just a monster - he is a god! This is also reflected in the design of the creature, otherworldly, ancient and powerful, but one with nature. It was brought to life with a mix of practical effects and digital enhancements, so luckily it's not a pure CGI creation.

The film explores the horrors of what it means to be an American today, and all the crises Americans face, such as the climate crisis, the drug addiction of the masses, the way they treat Native Americans, and the bitter ones Poverty, says Cooper. All of these things packed into a monster film without it being a thesis film. And it should really be a Scott Cooper film, del Toro attaches great importance to that. According to him, resembles Antlers strong coopers eye to eye. His own dream project is a Frankenstein-Film (yes, still) while Cooper wrote a murder story set in the 19th century at West Point Military Academy, the main character of which is Edgar Allan Poe. He is also planning a few more filmsChristian Bale and prepare one withElisabeth Moss in front.