SHAREit works without WiFi

SHAREit APK for Android

Free data transfer app for quick sharing

SHAREit is a free app from Lenovo. The application is a data transfer tool. Documents, apps, videos and photos can be transferred directly from the smartphone or tablet to the computer via a Wi-Fi connection. The application works entirely without cloud services, as the data is sent directly from one device to the other. The app only communicates with devices on which SHAREit is also installed.

Good usability and overview

The app's user interface is clear and easily accessible. An overview shows all devices in the vicinity with which data can be shared. The files to be transferred can be selected in a further menu. These are sorted by file type and easy to find. In addition to individual documents, entire folders or AFK files can also be sent. SHAREit is a helpful app when data needs to be transferred quickly from one device to another. The connection between the devices is established via an ad-hoc network via WLAN, so that neither cables, Internet connections nor Bluetooth are required. After the transfer, the app automatically terminates the connection between the two devices.

Alternative to cloud services

SHAREit is a practical app for quickly sharing documents, pictures and videos. The direct transfer via Direct Wi-Fi saves valuable time compared to uploading and downloading when using a cloud service. Nevertheless, it should always be ensured that data is only shared with others in a secure environment.