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I've already done a survey on Sailor Moon Eternal and teasers keep coming out (individual transformations in each case). Today I found a new trailer that shows more about the film and wanted to know what you think of it.

Sailor Moon Eternal is the film for the series Sailor Moon Crystal, but for example the artwork has been changed (a mixture of new and the style of the old Sailor Moon) and it is fully animated compared to S1, S2 (where the transformations to Example turned into a terrible CGI).

Sailor Moon Eternal runs after Sailor Moon S, but goes according to the manga.

I think the trailer shows itself well, I think the style is good. It's a good combination of the style of the Manga and the old Sailor Moon and the effects are well implemented. In terms of animation, (a few frames have been shortened because it's a trailer) I assume that it will be about the same level as the anime these days, so average.

So up to now, in my personal opinion, I find that the modern style of the Sailor Moon Eternal is very well done and also looks better than the first Sailor Moon anime, the first anime will of course always be in my heart, but I find the modern Looking much cleaner and even more cheerful in terms of color. What I won't change, however, is that I still find Sailor Moon's old music much better. Because that shaped Sailor Moon quite a lot for me: D

That will probably be different in the new Sailor Moon Eternal with the intro's and the music for the transformations etc. unfortunately there is not as much information as this will be.

What do you think of it all and would you give Sailor Moon Eternal the chance to see it?

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