What are some recommended health books

Books with the tag "health"


The last thing Sydney wants is to fall in love with the guitarist Ridge, because the wound her ex-boyfriend left is too fresh. But when writing songs, the two unintentionally get closer. If it weren't for Ridge's girlfriend ...


That was one of the first books. that I read from Colleen Hoover. The book should definitely be read because the topics, feelings and plot are excellent. I haven't read such an intensive book yet. It is definitely a romance novel.

Sydney goes to university and moves in with Ridge when she finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Sydney is a caring, kind and fun young woman.

Ridge lives in a shared apartment with his best friend. He composes music and needs Sydney's help with lyrics.

Both have a passion for music. The harmony that exists between the two was fascinating to me as a reader.

The supporting characters contributed to the story. You fill in the story. The shared flat is the best thing about history. I think it's a trademark for that story. The pranks, humor and jokes are laughable.

The book is absolutely worth reading. The chemistry, storyline, love and understanding between the two was meltdown. As I said the story includes humor, jokes, sadness, longing and a lot of love.

A must read !!