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9 social media updates that happened when you weren't looking

For the most part, social media updates get a lot of attention, but you might have passed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat!

It seems like social media websites and apps are constantly being updated to fix bugs, tweak performance issues, and occasionally rearrange their features in slightly different formations (I look at you, Facebook). Often times, apps and websites are updated automatically. So I rarely think of what has changed from month to month.

If you're like me, this approach to social media will probably get you just fine.

Occasionally, however, that lack of attention can leave you behind about the new features that are added to updates.

In the past few months, several popular social media apps and websites have made small but significant changes to their mobile and web platforms. Sometimes it means solving a problem that users wanted forever, and sometimes it means adding new features that no one has ever thought of ... but they ultimately turned out to be pretty fun or useful.

In case you missed them when it was released, here are the latest updates for your social media platforms that you should know about!


Newsfeed settings

We all walk an inconvenient line on Facebook - do you add people politely or don't add them because you really don't care what they had for breakfast?

Facebook is constantly on the lookout to save you from yourself when it comes to this battle between your mind and your real-world relationships. Because of this, many updates and algorithms from Facebook have helped make you less frustrated with your Facebook news feed. Frustrated with Facebook? 5 Tips To Regain Your Health With Facebook? 5 Tips to Regaining Your Sanity The real social impact of Facebook makes it difficult to cope with frustrating online situations. Here are five tips to help keep your Facebook feed drama-free. Read More

Unfortunately, there's little Facebook can do about your annoying cousin Carol sharing endless recipes if you don't tell them!

The new Newsfeed Settings option (under Settings on your mobile app and as part of the drop-down menu that would log you out of the web) takes you through four steps to revitalize your newsfeed.

This control allows you to choose friends and pages that you want to display in your newsfeed first. It gives you one central place from which to uncover as many people and pages as you want, and it reminds you who you haven't tracked in the past and gives you a list of pages that might be of interest to you.

The entire control is intuitive and only takes a few minutes - a small investment for the enormous relief that is available to you in the long term!


Track Tweets with Google

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms. Is Twitter only 140 characters? Think again, do you think twitter is only 140 characters? Think Again Twitter doesn't have to be just plain old tweets. There is so much more you can do when you have the right apps. Read more online. Despite the 140-character limit, this is often the best source for breaking news and important commentary.

If you wanted to search for relevant tweets on the internet before August, you had to find them from Twitter yourself - a bit of a headache, especially since Twitter can make finding the tweets you want difficult.

However, Google recently updated its search parameters with Tweets. This means that your Google searches will no longer leave out this important information.

Send longer direct messages

Anyone who has ever been involved in a customer service direct message page or tried to have a private conversation in response to a tweet was likely incredibly frustrated to learn that Twitter imposed a 140 character limit on direct messages as well as actual tweets Has.

Fortunately, a recently released update removed this requirement, giving users the ability to communicate more effectively through direct messages without text conversation or abbreviated sentences!


“Think out of place” solution

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with Instagram's requirement for square photos.

“What a great photo of my friends! Wait ... which friends do I like least of all? "

“Finally the perfect selfie! Um ... would I rather have my chin or my forehead in the photo? "

After years of having to use third-party photo-editing apps as a workaround for Instagram's strictly square plants, Instagram finally released an update in August that allowed users to "Think Out of Place".

The update means that full photos, whether horizontal or portrait, can now be uploaded to Instagram without cropping. Just tap the Format icon to toggle between orientations and enjoy the ability to show your vacation photos in their entirety!

Being able to show off your entire photo should improve its quality - and according to the Science of Instagram Like How to Get More Likes and Comments on Instagram, according to Science How to Get More Likes and Comments on Instagram, According to Science Read More Update should definitely help you improve your influence on this platform!

Improved web functionality

Another overdue update for Instagram was adding search capabilities to its web platform.

By July, it was impossible to find anyone or anything on Instagram if you weren't already familiar with how someone used Instagram. Hashtags and usernames can now be searched for using a native search bar on the Instagram homepage.

While you still can't upload photos directly from your computer, this tiny (but welcomed!) Update greatly improves Instagram's web interface and signals a shift from its almost entirely mobile history.


Reblog redesign

Tumblr updates are always a little, uh, messy (to say the least).

If you regularly use Tumblr's web interface, it is very unlikely that you missed the news update. However, if you are primarily a mobile user or only use Tumblr occasionally, then you probably need a heads up.

The old, nested, text-based blog format was not questioned by most Tumblr users, and it became a popular spot for jokes and comments. The new design is in an easy-to-read blog format, but it will appear differently on your dashboard, on mobile devices, and on your personal blog.

While this doesn't really change the functionality of Tumblr, it did change some of the community's informal behavior around item collecting. So, if you want to use Tumblr effectively, it is difficult to gain quality in Tumblr. Whether you're a writer or an artist, a fan or a creator, Tumblr's recipe for success stays the same, and we're happy to pass it on. Read More


Snapchat lenses

Snapchat is king when it comes to cryptic and unannounced updates - especially when it comes to the ever-changing and mysterious emoji language that appears next to your friends' names.

I have given up all hope of understanding this.

The last update to Snapchat released Snapchat Lenses. Lenses are new filters that are applied when you use a Snapchat selfie style sent to your friends. Touch and hold your finger over your face, then choose from a variety of lenses that animate your features. Some lenses add stickers or emotions to your face, others vomit the rainbow or show you being hit by an animated hand.

Like most of the features of Snapchat, the purpose of the lenses is a little obscure, but downright addicting and already very popular with the teenage viewers of Snapchat. 7 reasons why Snapchat is a social network for teens 7 reasons why Snapchat is a social network for teenagers The future is the secret photo sharing service Snapchat. Why do you love it Continue reading .

Snapchat replays

Snapchat Replays' new paid option is Snapchat's first real attempt at monetizing its services. The app has offered a free replay per day for the past few months. Now users can purchase additional Replays for the price of three Replays per $ 0.99.

Paid replays are currently only available in the US, and each Snap can still only be retried once. However, if you frequently regret a missed opportunity to snap that particularly ugly photo of your best friend, the second chance might be worth the $ 0.99!


Buyable pins make shopping easier

Pinterest is a big contender when it comes to shopping online through social media. Finding Amazing Products Using Social Networks Finding Amazing Products Using Social Networks Retailers Are Looking In Social Media Market. Pinterest, Wanelo, and Instagram all have options for online shopping, but which one is best? And how do you use them effectively? We'll tell you how Continue reading . It has one of the largest and most well-curated libraries of products that consumers find desirable.

Unfortunately, this resource can be difficult for businesses to use and actually sell.

Buyable pins try to change this. Pins that are linked to specific products can now be found with a "Buy It" button next to the classic "Pin It" option. This option is available on iOS devices and allows users to purchase via ApplePay or their credit card in the app itself instead of linking it to the store's website.

This new functionality may make Pinterest a platform for retail sales.

Updates for days

There is a social media network for every niche. How do you use social media? 20-Some Theory Of Social Media Niche How Do You Use Social Media? 20-Some Theory of Social Media Niches With the widespread use of social media platforms, it can be difficult to understand why new ones are being created. Could this be because each social network is actually only filling a specific niche or two for users? Read More So, doing research on the various updates can cause some headaches. Even so, it is probably worth skimming through the update information before clicking Install - only to know that you are not missing out on a new improvement!

Did any of these updates surprise you? What updates would your favorite social media platform need to be made? (Personally, I still consider myself to be that dislike button on Facebook ...)

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