How exclusive is Eton

ETON - quality and design have a name.

Now with us - ETON! ETON proves that you can't dress better with shirts of extraordinary quality. Own workshops and studios as well as the best weaving mills are the secrets of the clothing of the top label for the man of the world. The men's shirts are only made from the finest, extremely long-threaded and soft Pima cotton. The best non-iron processing makes the wearer look well-groomed and fresh even after a stressful day. The designers get their inspiration for the colors from nature. The blue of the shirts is really sky blue, the pastel colors as clear as reflections in the mountains and the rich colors as plump as life itself. The cuts are also produced in-house, because the specialists in fine men's clothing make just as little compromise on the quality of their work as they do the clientele she dresses.


Made to measure

Made to measure is tailoring out of passion and a tangible value as an expression of connoisseurship. In order to give your personality even more expression, we offer you the special tailor-made service. Precise handwork, tailored to your requirements and your individual wishes.

The man is the measure
The perfect suit depends on the man, not the other way around. We see it as our duty to tailor every Made to Measure piece to the individual needs and wishes as well as the personal lifestyle of the customer - men who are characterized by 'connoisseurship'.

As soon as a man puts on this suit for the first time, he immediately feels that this suit unmistakably and clearly belongs to him. An incomparable joy that you enjoy every time anew. A unique piece in its own right