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Comparison of levels of different sustained-release drugs and non-sustained-release methylphenidate.

There are a number of drug treatments for ADHD in 2021 Medication available with different active ingredients and mechanisms of action. So-called psychostimulants, which have a dopaminergic effect, are considered to be the most effective and best studied. The most frequently prescribed generic drugs in Germany are methylphenidate (MPH), Lisdexamfetamine and the non-stimulant atomoxetine. In addition to these substances, there are a number of other drugs that can be used to treat ADHD, although they are not approved for the treatment of ADHD (off-label use). Sometimes these drugs are also used to treat comorbidities, for example to treat depression, and can then also have effects on the ADHD symptoms.[1]

Detailed information on ADHD drug treatment can be found in the Pharmacotherapy article.


Methylphenidate variants in Germany in 2021

A distinction is made between preparations with a short daily action time and a long daily action time, so-called sustained release drugs. An explanation of the concept of Bioequivalence can be found here.

The methylphenidate variants currently available in Germany include:

Conversion table for stimulants

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The following table refers to methylphenidate and amphetamine-containing preparations. It corresponds to the information in the equivalence table according to Kühle.[2][3]

MPH-IR (single dose)Medikinet Retard / AdultRitalin Adult / LAEquasym RetardConcertaMPH HCL NeuraxpharmElvanse / Elvanse AdultDL-Amphetamine (0.2 juice)DL-Amphetamine (mg)
5 mg10 mg10 mg10 mg18 mg18 mg10 mg2 x 2-3 ml2 x 4-6 mg
7.5 mg15 mg20 mg27 mg27 mg20 mg2 x 3-4 ml2 x 6-8 mg
10 mg20 mg20 mg30 mg36 mg36 mg30 mg2 x 4-5 ml2 x 8-10 mg
12.5 mg25 mg40 mg45 mg40 mg2 x 4-6 ml2 x 8-12 mg
15 mg30 mg30 mg50 mg54 mg54 mg50 mg2 x 5-6 ml2 x 10-12 mg
17.5 mg35 mg60 mg63 mg60 mg2 x 6-8 ml2 x 12-16 mg
20 mg40 mg40 mg70 mg72 mg72 mg70 mg2 x 7-8 ml2 x 14-16 mg

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Methylphenidate international

drug Daily operating time Available in
Daytranalong daily operating time (retard) United States
Focalin XRlong daily operating time (retard) Switzerland, USA
Quillivant XR long daily operating time (retard) United States
Inspiral SR long daily operating time (retard) India
Ritaline short daily duration Belgium
Ritalina short daily duration Argentina, Brazil, Portugal
Hynidate short daily duration Thailand
Addwize short daily duration India


Gallery (selection of amphetamine preparations)

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