Can we reheat rice for consumption

Warming up rice: this is what you should definitely pay attention to

If you cooked too much rice, you can reheat the food again later. You can read about the precautionary measures you should take when warming up in this home tip.

Warming up rice: you should definitely pay attention to this

Correct storage is the decisive factor in ensuring that the rice can be safely reused at a later date.

  • Often there are spores of the harmful Bacillus Cereus in rice. Most of the bacteria are killed by cooking, but not all of them.
  • It is therefore quite possible that there are still some bacteria in the freshly prepared rice. If you leave the remains of the food in the warm kitchen, this is a breeding ground for the bacteria.
  • The bacteria are no longer killed by the later warming up. If you then eat the rice, it can lead to serious stomach problems that lead to nausea and diarrhea.
  • To prevent these problems, fill the leftover rice straight into a food storage container and put it in the refrigerator straight away.

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