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Coinbase: Valuation is really close to $ 100 billion when it goes public

The IPO of Coinbase got off to a brilliant start with prices of up to $ 430 per share. The reference price of 250 dollars (approx. 210 euros) issued shortly before the start of trading has thus been significantly exceeded. The real-time stock market price can be followed live on the website of the US technology exchange NASDAQ.

With up to $ 430 per share in the first moments of free trading on NASDAQ, the stock market valuation of the largest crypto trader in the US of more than $ 100 billion has become a reality. The COIN share started trading at $ 381 (this corresponds to a valuation of $ 99 billion), and immediately after the start of trading, the level hit up significantly. The rate is currently around $ 400, but this can change again at any time.

“Today's IPO is a milestone, but it's not as important as every new day that lies ahead. Coinbase has an ambitious mission: to increase economic freedom in the world. Everyone deserves access to financial services that can help them build better lives for themselves and their families. We have a lot of hard work to do to make this happen, ”CEO Brian Armstrong said in a message. As of today, he can call himself a multi-billionaire, just like some others who benefit massively from the listing on NASDAQ (Trending Topics reported).

The more than 1,700 Coinbase employees can also look forward to this day (see picture above). They were each given 100 shares to celebrate the day - after all, that's around $ 40,000 per person according to the current state of affairs.

BUX CEO Nick Bortot: "Coinbase's IPO sets the tone for the future"

Outlook for the future

After Coinbase, a few more crypto companies are likely to flood the stock exchange. For example, Kraken, an exchange popular with more experienced crypto traders, has also announced that it is also considering an IPO. At the same time, competitor Binance is making tokenized shares of companies that Generation Y and Z definitely taste (besides Coinbase also Tesla) in cooperation with German and Swiss companies.

This also questions Coinbase's current business model a little. More than 90 percent of sales come from trading fees that users pay to the company as a surcharge when buying or selling Bitcoin, Ether and Co. It is quite possible that increased competition could reduce these revenues. But Armstrong has already announced that there will be more new, important sources of revenue in the next few years. One is the credit card issued by Coinbase, which users can also use to pay in everyday life - another is a possible entry into the NFT business. There are many options.

The Coinbase IPO is going to make some people very rich