What screams I'm falling in love with you

This is how people behave who are NOT in love

"He loves me, he doesn't love me" - there is indeed something to this game. Experience has shown that we can already spoil at this point: If you torment yourself with the question of whether the other person could be in love or not, the latter is more likely to be the case. "If someone likes you, you know it. If not, you are confused" - this quote will save you a lot of time and nerves in the future. Feelings can not be squeezed out of someone or forced. We have shown you here why it can be that someone is not crazy about you at the moment. But don't forget: Unfortunately, there are few excuses. When someone has feelings for you, they forget their ex, don't stress too much at work, or suddenly become super efficient just so they can spend some time with you in the evening.

By the way, if you have a casual Gspusi, read the following article: "This is the only way a sex relationship works".

What we meant by that ...

If someone is in love with you, let them show it, make an effort, and make you their first priority. Here we have already found 26 signs that indicate that he or she is JUST NOT STANDING FOR YOU. My pleasure. The following is about things that the other DOES, but not SAYS, which indicate that there are certainly too few feelings for a relationship here. If, even then, you can identify with the issues that plague those on the other side, you will know what to do.

Someone is not in love with you: This is how your counterpart behaves

  • He seeks less physical contact (when it is NOT about sex) and can also make eye contact more difficult.
  • He doesn't suggest any real dates and all of a sudden you only meet for Netflix & Chill.
  • One or two meetings a week are enough for him. Preferably in the evening, because he "has a lot to do at the moment".
  • He writes you less or suddenly takes longer to answer you. Communication takes place more in relation to meetings.
  • He'd rather talk about himself than want to know about you.
  • In general, he behaves differently after a few weeks than at the beginning, although the feelings on your side have rather developed or increased.
  • Under no circumstances does he want to get to know your friends or anyone close to you.
  • If you say no to him, that suits him and he is not particularly sad about it.
  • He shows little gratitude for your efforts and takes a lot for granted.
  • Loving gestures and compliments have become fewer, but still exist (because after all, a Gspusi is super comfortable with you and he doesn't want to give that up so easily).
  • Regardless of which channel - you notice that other women may also be of interest to him.
  • You rediscover him on an online dating portal.
  • He sometimes postpones meetings or arranges them at short notice.
  • He's more causal than finalistic, which means this much: He doesn't do much to want to start a relationship with you. Sure, he wants to see you, so he asks about it or calls from time to time - that, my dear, is more causally based on his current need. If he wanted a relationship with you, he would want to know the whole thing in a dry place.
  • If you do talk about a mutual relationship, it will be a long way off for him even after several months together. "Sometime"...
  • If you speak to him about something that bothers you or that has an extreme need, he suddenly feels confronted with "reproaches" or feels immense pressure.
  • Meetings are more likely to take place on his terms.
  • Hunter or not: He only seems to be "fired" by rejection on your part.
  • And last, but not least: when you finally finish the whole thing, he'll agree to it too. He is ultimately spared breaking up, which would have been inevitable anyway.

Someone is not in love with you: This is how YOU suddenly feel

  • You suddenly become thoughtful and wonder if he's really interested in you. Somehow you don't come to a solution ...
  • Your intuition comes in and tells you that something is wrong. Especially when other people ask you "How's it going?"
  • Everything seems to be working fine when you are with him. If he's gone, you ponder the meetings and put everything on the scales.
  • You no longer feel that your self-worth is confirmed and you notice that someone is playing games with you.
  • You suddenly find yourself in a supplicant position, which means that he makes you feel like you are running after him.
  • You feel the need to contact you more often because not much is coming from his side.
  • If he doesn't get back to you or doesn't write back, you get nervous pretty quickly and fear that he might withdraw.
  • You have the feeling that you cannot trust him, you feel the need to look into his cell phone and you play social media detective.
  • You compare old messages with newer ones and wonder at what point everything went downhill.
  • You start to write things down because you can no longer organize the whole mess.
  • You're actually feeling bad most of the time. At least more often than that you're fine and hopping around in love.
  • You feel that the time you devote to him is not valued. Like you have nothing better to do than wait for him.
  • You suddenly put pressure yourself where nobody should be, feel impatient and ask for security that you don't really need in a functioning relationship.
  • You hope for a lot and then you get disappointed all the time, because not even half comes from what you would give yourself.
  • You defend it when those around you are already making you aware that something is wrong.
  • You forgive him for things that you would hold against someone else (for example, your best friend's boyfriend).
  • You yourself often feel that you are doing something wrong because your feelings are not reciprocated.
  • You hold back with your feelings (also with negative ones) because you don't want to create an argument or pressure.
  • You have the feeling that you are moving in an uncertain field that is difficult to downsize.
  • During conversations, you negotiate as if it were about an employment contract.
  • In a short time you have accumulated as many points of conflict as other couples haven't in two years.

Conclusion: Sure, the other person likes you and enjoys the time with you, otherwise the whole thing wouldn't work for a long time. But love or infatuation is not involved. Whether you continue to devote yourself to something that is already complicated and grueling at the beginning is up to you. We just remind politely: If you are satisfied with less, you shouldn't be surprised in the end if you get less. So, don't settle for less. Kiss!