How can I learn English 21

πŸ“±The 24 best English learning apps (2021): what's worth it?

There are countless providers for learning English in the app and play store. You would have to test your way through apps for weeks before you come to a good decision. Fortunately is exactly what we do for you in our learning app test! πŸ€

Then we start right away with one small summary for people with little time:

Summary Best English Learning Apps

πŸ“š Best scope

⭐ Most of the English content: FunEasyLearn

⭐ Master scope in the free area: WLingua

πŸ“± Best usability

⭐ The simplest operation:Duolingo

⭐ The best in-app structure:Babbel

⭐ The best gamification: Duolingo

⭐ Best entertainment:Flunetu

⭐ Find the best app for your language partner: Tandem Exchange

πŸ₯‡ Best quality

⭐ The most professional content: Babbel

⭐ The most sensible learning plan:Babbel

⭐ Best alternative to voice apps: Tutor boost

πŸ’Έ Best prices and costs

⭐ The best price-performance ratio:Busuu

⭐ Cheapest price per month:Busuu

⭐ Best Free English App: WLingua

The best English learning apps

24. FunEasyLearn

As the name suggests, there is one here Lots of fun learning for all English learners. The vocabulary is sorted by categories and with Images. The first 1000 words are free and even after that the app costs only around 30 €.

With a total of 15,000 words the FunEasyLearn app can be used with a gigantic scope score when you consider that you only need around 5,000 words to be fluent in a language.

Not even the giants like Mondly, where there are around 4,000 words per language, can keep up with this volume.

One point of criticism is that it is currently still no repeat function in the app, you have to take care of that yourself outside of the app.

FunEasyLearn - IOS

FunEasyLearn - Play Store

23. Speechling

Learning by Dictation, index cards, gap tests, quizzes and listening comprehension. This is what the Speechling app offers.

According to their own information, one non-profit language learning platform for all those interested in language.

The learned expressions can be rated while learning, so that you have to repeat it again. When a Vocabulary was difficult, for example, then Speechling gives you that Repeat after one minuteIf you were good at the vocabulary, then the repetition will come after 10 minutes and if you were super good at the vocabulary, then the repetition will only come in 4 days. A great function! βœ”οΈ

For the most part, the app is completely free!

In the app you can view your recordings from Correct pronunciation of native speakers to let. Speechling focuses most on the pronunciation of a language and is really good in this area too.

Speechling is thus not the perfect all-round package and should rather be used as a supplement to another app.

Speechling - IOS

Speechling - Play Store

22. Speekoo

Speekoo is a complete one free app for learning English.

There is 20 steps, with each stage 12 lessons Has.

The app has 50,000 reviews not a single 1 or 2 star rating and that is extraordinarily remarkable! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The learning design is structured in such a way that every level a new city is and that is what learning does too fun for a long period of time, because in addition to learning a language, you also get to know the cities a bit.

A great ideaπŸ’‘, which also fully convinced the users of Speekoo.

For us all worth a download.

21. Tandem Exchange

Tandem Exchange is not your typical vocabulary app for learning English. At Tandem Exchange you search and find Language partnerwho, for example, want to learn German and speak English in exchange with you.

The app is intuitive and easy built up and one of the best places to find a language partner for great and real conversations.

On top of that you can make friends 🀝and also get to know other cultures up close via smartphone.

A good idea and a great app for all English learners.

Tandem - IOS

Tandem - Play Store

20. Cake

Little ones entertaining english videos every day. With Cake you have the app to watch videos and really use the subtitle for learning.

Sometimes there is only small videos πŸ“Ήto memorize an expression, but sometimes too whole conversations.

The app is good for beginners, but for advanced is the app currently (as of November 2020) not yet suitable.

Another point of criticism is that the app only offers German subtitles, which is not always optimal when learning English.

Nevertheless, we always recommend a download and testing the Cake App for all English learners.

Cake - IOS

Cake - Play Store

19. Memrise

Memrise is a All-rounder. One does learn basic vocabulary, after that Expressions With Listening comprehension, pronunciation and conversation.

The app not only convinces us, but also just about it a million peoplewho left a positive rating ⭐.

Memrise is although not for free, but quality usually has a price. 🀷

The app has it not in the top 10 Made it because some functions don't run as smoothly as with Busuu, Babbel and Co. but for one or the other, Memrise even likes it the best learn english app be in the market.

Just download it. ⏬

Memrise - IOS

Memrise - Play Store

18. English conversations

Conversations from native speakerswhich all a script to have. You can therefore easily and easily use the follow English conversations and learns automatically.

The app is unfortunately not particularly suitable for classic vocabulary training, but for that she is one great addition to other learning apps. πŸ‘

The scope of the app is enormous and you really have one very wide range of conversations. βœ…

For this purpose it isthis learn english app is great!

Conversations - IOS

Conversations - Play Store

17. Learn 50 languages

The "Learn 50 Languages" app contains over 100 lessons per language and tons of expressions to learn. πŸ₯³

The app helps the Build basic vocabulary, completely without prior knowledge.

The app remains in the language level A1 to A2 us is thus not suitable for advanced English learners. ❗

The app is not completely free, but one big part of the app can also be used without making in-app purchases.

The app focuses on Everyday situations and provides for it Expressions and sentences available, which are helpful. βœ…

What the app missing is a didactic concept. It's really just about sentences and expressions in different languages. Sometimes words are introduced that a beginner shouldn't learn at all.

Still there is enough fans of the English app and a look can be worthwhile:

50 languages ​​- IOS

50 languages ​​- Play Store

16. Lists English Daily

A great app for that listening comprehension in English! You have a very large selection Audio files With appropriate questions after the individual exercises

There are different levels of difficulty and also advanced get their money's worth with this learning English app. πŸ€—

As a complete However, the app is not recommended for beginnersbecause you have a certain Bring basic English skills should❗

The app contains advertising, which can be a bit "annoying", is for it free of charge!

15. Lyrics training

With Learn music english? Often you hear the tip that you should just learn with music. But that's not always easy and you have to find the lyrics first.

The Lyrics Training app does this work for you. One can pause and click individual wordsso that you can understand them better. Then there is great explanations. 🎢

Plus you will too queried and must selectwhich word appears in the lyrics.

With the songs come those too Music videos, so entertainment is guaranteed. πŸ’ƒ

Definitely for us worth a test:

Lyrics Training - IOS

Lyrics Training - Play Store

14. Fluent U

Instead of music there is at Fluentu Videos to learn English. The choice is very large and the quality of Fluentu is also very high. πŸ“Ή

After a 14-day trial you have to take out a package from Fluentu around 18-25 € per month. This is a decent price and everyone has to set their own English budget, but the quality of Fluentu makes the price so too entitled.

The app does the learning process more fun and one will hardly boring when choosing videos.

For everyone who Love video content, the Fluentu test phase could be really worthwhile:

Fluentu - IOS

Fluentu - Play Store

13. LinDuo

LinDuo offers a range of 1657 words, which in 116 lessons are divided. It's not as extensive as other apps, but still a solid foundation in english.

The design of the app is playful and appealing designed and the lessons increase in difficulty continuously.

LinDuo also offers a repeat function, which is simply essential for an English learning app

A particularly great feature is that "1-Minute Lesson", creating a lesson for very busy people. ⏱️

Compared to other apps, all words in LinDuo are from one Native speaker recorded. A clear plus! βœ…

LinDuo is especially suitable for beginners great english app:Β 

LinDuo - Play Store

12. BBC Learn English

Learn English with the BBC. The British television station has been offering an initiative for learning English for a long time. The YouTube Channel is particularly known for this.

The app is a great companion for learning English. There are always new exciting articles and you learn right away. You it Grammar, spelling or listening comprehension. It's all there. 😍

The app is not for beginners! Since the app is purely in English, you have to bring vocabulary with you. You also learn with this app higher and heavier vocabulary, which is unfortunately not found in many other language apps.

BBC Learn - IOS

BBC Learn - Play Store

11. Visual App

The visual app is available in the Execution grammar and in the Execution of vocabulary.

Both are very interesting for English learners. With a scope of 3000 words, you can really deal with these apps for a very long time and it is also interesting for advanced users. πŸ˜‹

You can get through in the app In-app purchases continue to unlock things, but one Most of the app is free.

Visual App - Play Store

10. Drops

Drops comes from English and means drops. This voice app can score with a good repetition frequency πŸ” and clear design.

The app itself is mainly a Vocabulary trainer and not necessarily to be compared with a complete learning concept such as Busuu. A another minus is also that there are no pictures, only icons

For repeating and This app is suitable for learning vocabulary but good and it is always worth testing! πŸ˜‰

Drops - IOS

Drops - Play Store

9. Bravolol

A very popular English learning app on the market is bravolol. The app is ad-free and can with a high suitability for everyday use score.

The vocabulary is clean arranged in categories and you can set favorites which you can refer to later. πŸ‘

The design is plain and simple. Unfortunately the pictures for the vocabulary are missing.

The pronunciation is also authenticwhich makes the app a very good learning English app all in all. πŸ€“

Bravolol - IOS

Bravolol - Play Store

8. WLingua

WLingua is already a hot candidate for the top 5! The app is high quality and free of charge! That is exceptionally goodβ€Ό ️

One has good explanations and the rules resp. Grammar is taught in simple terms. πŸ‘

The app is too Exciting for advanced learners, because you can choose which level you want to start at.

The app also scores in details and you sees the work behind it. The premium version is available as a subscription variant, but not absolutely necessary.

WLingua - IOS

WLingua - Play Store

7. Poro

Above all, that is what you can do with Poro Listening and speaking out practice real situations and that is a component that is unfortunately missing in many apps.

The app is clear and well designedto get started with English conversations.

The app includes whole 750 conversations πŸ™€, with which one can learn and also various other lessons and lists.

The app is suitable for all levels and also to Brush up on your own English the app is suitable.

It's worth testing Poro to see if the Premium version without ads exciting is:

Poro - IOS

Poro - Play Store

6. English for beginners

The app is just past the top 5 "English for beginners".

The app is completely free πŸ’―.

The only thing you have to "endure" is is Advertising.

For the app though completely free is, you can forgive it and for all those interested in language who do not want to spend any money, this app is a good catch!

With 5000 words the app can keep up well with the big competition and these words are in whole 43 lessons divided thematically.

One can use this English app hear, speak, read and write and thus has the complete range available in English. β˜‘οΈ

English for Beginners - Play Store

5. MosaLingua

placement Number 5 goes to MosaLingua. MosaLingua can work with a large area of ​​free content Points.

In general, the app is great well structured and through the Self-assessment vocabulary is always beautiful repeated regularlywhich is then solidified in the memory.

You can adjust here in comparison to many other apps, how often you want to repeat a word and that helps a lot! 🧠

The MosaLingua reviews are great and reflect the high quality of the app against.

Definitely worth a look:

MosaLingua - IOS

MosaLingua - Play Store

4. Mondly

Mondly is allowed in the competition for the best English language app under no circumstances forget it. Mondly has a length of several thousand words and if you memorize them all, then nothing stands in the way of perfect English. 😁

In our Mondly review, however, we quickly saw that Mondly relatively fast relatively difficult especially when you start new with a language.

Nevertheless, the app is worth a look and some people like the Mondly app too the best of all language apps be.

Mondly - IOS

Mondly - Play Store

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is still one of the Top 5 language apps on the market in 2020 and probably will be in 2021 as well.

Duolingo made it language learning fun and playful to be packaged like no other app known to us. 🎊

Here there are a summary of me on Duolingo:

The almost legendary one Duolingo owl, which motivates and also reminds of the learning units, makes the app an icon.

With the update of the Heart function in 2020 πŸ’” unfortunately the app is no longer usable for freebecause you can only make a limited number of mistakes per day and then you have to buy more hearts or switch to Duolingo Plus ...

With prices from 7.49 € per month But Duolingo Plus is also impressive and quality has its price.

Here you can find our detailed Duolingo Plus experiences.

Duolingo - IOS

Duolingo - Play Store

2. Busuu

Place number 2 of the best English apps in 2021 is Busuu.

Why? Busuu offers a Value for money, which is unbeatable from the competition. The scope and the variety of tasks is impressive.

One can learn through newspaper article, television broadcast and video. This is innovative and helps to keep you on the ball. ⚽

The whole Structure of Busuu convinces with that Vocabulary trainer and the levels, which according to the real language levels are divided into (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).

With regular tests and knowledge queries at Busuu you always know your status in English and you can do yours Track progress optimally with graphs. πŸ“ˆ

There are enough explanations, you feel always well managed of the app and the examples are well chosen and equipped with pictures. πŸ–ΌοΈ

Check out our full Busuu experiences here.

Busuu - IOS

Busuu - Play Store

1. Babbel

Place number 1 is the language app Babbel. That’s no surprise. The giant did not do this for nothing a good reputation.

The app is intuitive and simple designed what learning easy and fun makes.

Babbel has one Quality standard like no other app on the market. πŸ₯‡

who Basics of a language want to learn and one solid vocabulary vocabulary would like to build up, is best advised with Babbel.

Unfortunately, Babbel is not available in the free version, but there is a reason for that. Quality costs and for everyone who is serious about the new language € 7.99 to € 12.99 also fairly priced.

In fact, with these prices, Babbel is almost exactly the same as any of the top 5 English learning apps.

The all-round package and the completeness cannot offer any other app and last but not least the high quality and Babbel's didactics will probably remain unbeaten in 2021! πŸ†

Check out our full Babbel experiences here.

Babbel - IOS

Babbel - Play Store

Tutor boost

At this point we would like to briefly introduce our English concept imagine which goes far beyond a language app. πŸ’₯

We offer one-to-one lessons with a native speaker or qualified language teacher via video chat. You can use it as a complete beginner get into English or even just brush up on their level of English.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Our teachers treat: Grammar, pronunciation, text comprehension, listening comprehension, conversation, vocabulary knowledge as well as style and fine-tuning.

With one-to-one lessons you can write simultaneously on a kind of "word file" πŸ“ so that one is together English vocabulary can write down or write texts can, which are immediately corrected and discussed by the teacher via video chat. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

The lesson starts at € 18.80 ➜ Tuition prices

With this All-round package we have already impressed many customers and if you need to learn a language faster, then we would invite you to our free trial lesson * so that we can work with you to develop a strategy like yours Reach your goal as quickly as possible. 🎯

Here you can find out more about our English coaching. πŸ€—

What is the best way to learn with the English learning apps?

Regardless of which app you choose, all apps have in common that you Continue learning outside of the app should in order to be able to master the language fluently one day.

We have the The most important points for successful learning with the English learning apps summarized for you:

πŸ“ Keeping vocabulary lists

Even if some apps such as Busuu offer that you can learn vocabulary in the app, it is still worth your own Keeping vocabulary lists. You can do that via the app, on a sheet of paper or do it in a small vocabulary book.

If you would like to have all the vocabulary on your smartphone, then we can recommend Brainscape. With the app learned super effectively are using the "index card style" and the best thing is that they are completely free is!

Take a look at our overview of the best methods to learn vocabulary, as there are methods that you have never seen before, we promise.

🀝 Find an English speaking partner

A Language has to be spoken and that also applies to English!

If you're just studying with apps and never speaking English in a real person, then your chances are bad ever to become fluent in English. πŸ˜•

Nowadays you can easily find language partners in Facebook groups, or Tandem Exchange, for example, you do one half an hour of conversation in English and the other half a conversation in German.

If only you on to speak English would like to invest up to one or two euros, then our offer of one-to-one English tuition online is exciting for you. πŸ˜‰

You can go there with either just have conversations or discuss grammar topics and much more.

Our offer starts in terms of price from € 18.80 per lesson.

Click here for your free English lesson *.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«Language course or language teacher

For everyone who one Learn language quickly want or have to, a professional English language course is still indispensable despite great English learning apps.

The English language apps are then still great support for the time outside of the language course or language lessons.

We at Tutor Boost offer one English course for beginners, advanced and also for business English.

Our language teachers are all trained and testedso that the teaching is of the highest quality. πŸ’―

Of course, you can also look for a language course on the Internet or on site. A good place for English courses are, for example Adult education centers.

πŸ” Design everyday life in English

In addition to the apps, you should also have your complete Switch everyday life to Englishto get one maximum learning success to see. Unfortunately, 10 minutes are enough Duolingo, Busuu or Babbel not enough to get our brain used to the language.

Integrating English into everyday life - measures

  1. Netflix in English watch with German subtitle
  2. Bilingual book order (English with German translations)
  3. Switch computer and cell phone to English
  4. Distribute small learning sheets around the house (e.g. hang vowel list on the fridge)

Simply surround yourself with English as much as possible, and that will also help with your learning success!

They were ours Test winner of the best English learning apps including our additional tips for one maximum learning success in English.

Here you can read on to find the best English help for you or to use the guide to learning English for beginners for you.

You agree not to the list or have an app, which is not mentioned at all was, then let's do it know in the comments and we will add them!

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