How does Chinese medicine treat cancer

Concomitant therapy for cancer

Chemotherapy - more success through combined treatment with TCM

Cancer patients usually face the heavy burden of chemotherapy. The term alone triggers fear and panic in cancer patients and their relatives. Reports of successes, but also failures, lead to doubts and concerns. Patients who are before or during chemotherapy and are also looking for advice and help often appear in my practice.

Chemotherapy drugs weaken the body

In chemotherapy, cytostatic drugs are used to kill cancer cells or at least to stop them from multiplying. Ideally, cytostatics only act on the tumor cells. In reality, however, other, healthy body cells are always damaged, as a result of which the body is severely weakened and in some cases severe side effects are triggered, which extremely impair the quality of life of those affected.

The chemotherapeutic drugs can be administered in tablet form or via the vein. Different chemotherapy drugs are often combined with one another. One then speaks of polychemotherapy. Chemotherapy is often carried out on an outpatient basis and administered intermittently in the form of chemotherapy cycles. A cycle consists of a treatment and a break. The length of the breaks depends on the medication and the patient's health.

It is not uncommon for the very strong side effects to lead to the chemotherapy having to be discontinued or the breaks to be extended. Medicines from Western medicine are available to alleviate some side effects, but unfortunately they are not always successful. But there are also side effects for which Western medicine does not have any relieving medication. Overall, Chinese medicine can offer a wide range of support in this regard.

Chinese medicine strengthens the organism and alleviates side effects caused by chemotherapy

Physical weakness, nausea, malaise, anxiety and depression as well as damage to the sensitive bone marrow and nervous system are treated. It is now scientifically proven that certain methods of Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture and Chinese drug therapy, not only successfully and significantly reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy, but also have a direct cancer-killing effect and thus increase the effect of chemotherapy. Accompanying learned physical exercises can demonstrably improve the quality of life of cancer patients significantly.

Greater treatment success through a combination of ancient knowledge and modern research

When combined with Chinese medicine, chemotherapy can become both more bearable and more effective. By supplementing chemotherapy, I strengthen the organism, treat the side effects and help the patient to better deal with their overall situation. TCM and Western medicine can therefore ideally complement each other in the therapy against cancer.