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The Passions of the Soul: In the Appendix: The Description of the Human Body

Completely new translation of “Les Passions de l’Ame” and the short treatise “La Déscription du Corps Humain”. -The so-called "practical philosophy" of Descartes is a matter of reconstruction. Of course, Cartesian understanding of practical philosophy includes not only ethics, but also natural science and technology and, above all, medicine. In this work Descartes uses a doctrine of affects to thematize the problem of the interaction between soul and body. He is reacting to probing inquiries from Elisabeth von der Pfalz, who in the end of her reading of the "Meditations" and the "Principia" dedicated to her could not see the possibility of such an interaction - like many contemporary interpreters: How can a by definition incorporeal soul are in substantial unity with the human body? It is this question that Descartes seeks to answer in the "Passions of the Soul." The present new translation attempts to use terminological stringency to enable the German-speaking reader to respond to Descartes' reflections on affects, feelings or emotions To reconstruct the problem raised by Elisabeth. The accompanying translation of the "Description of the Human Body" is intended to help place his answer in the overall context of Cartesian thought, which, far from getting lost in metaphysics, had begun to put a practical metaphysics in place of scholastic scholastic scholarship