Can someone have a natural acting ability

The actor's job is mainly associated with glamorous Hollywood film stars such as Jonny Depp, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Co., who walk across the red carpets in America, experience great popularity worldwide and bathe in luxury. The jobs really fall into their lap. Of course, anyone can do this and there are also enough examples for which, in some cases, they climbed the career ladder without a sound acting training. But this usually only applies to a small percentage, because the way to the top is tedious and rocky. So it can happen that you have to laboriously move from engagement to engagement and take on odd jobs in order to stay afloat. Regular jobs and a solid income are often a godsend.
No question about it, being an actor is multifaceted, exciting and offers many opportunities for personal development. It is therefore not uncommon for many young people to find the job of an actor the dream job. But this too has to be learned like others.

# 1 What do actors actually do?

Actors are usually in the spotlight, that is, in front of the camera or on stage. You embody certain characters from a script for film and television productions or from a play. As soon as you are assigned a role, deal with it intensively in self-study and familiarize yourself with it. In the next step, first interpretive approaches are worked out in reading samples with the director and the other actors. Then the actors learn the facial expressions, gestures, expression and movement of their respective roles in rehearsals in order to then present a convincing performance on the theater stage or on the film and television set.


Actors can also act as voice actors (links) for foreign language formats, generally as speakers (links), lend their voices to characters in radio plays or record sentences for documentaries and the radio. Experienced actors can also work as acting teachers / coaches and get into theater education.


Sectors in which actors find employment:

  • Film, television and radio
  • Theater, musical and opera
  • Advertising and web
  • Show events

Would you like to become an actor, but you don't know how to get closer to this goal?
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# 2 What skills do actors have?

Since being an actor, especially the way there, is a tough job, you should generally have a lot of perseverance, determination and passion. Because it may well be that you have to cope with a lot of rejections before the great opportunity beckons. Self-marketing is part of it and should be mastered inside out in order to attract attention.


You should also like to present yourself to others and have an interest in language, music and movement. Otherwise, the job as an actor can be difficult.

# 3 is training necessary?

A good drama school is the best preparation for a career as an actor, because the most important basics are taught in the three to four years of school. It's also the most common route to take if you're looking for a serious professional acting career.


Of course there are also cheaper and more flexible in terms of time A.alternativesto gain a foothold in the acting business, such as B. short workshops or one-to-one lessons with acting teachers or coaches. Flash training is usually not advised, however, because it is said that “crash course providers attract with unrealistic career promises”.


Even unskilled actors can make it onto the big stages and cinema screens. There are enough career changers who set a good example.


According to estimates by industry experts such as the Central Stage, Television and Film Agency (ZBF) of the Federal Employment Agency in Bonn, if you want to earn money with acting in the long term and participate in serious engagements, you will not be able to avoid a multi-year drama school .

# 4 What do you make as an actor?

In training, you do not receive any remuneration, but instead have to pay for school, examination and admission fees. However, since this is a school education, you can apply for support from the state in the form of BAföG.

Even after their training, the pay for prospective actors is not looking rosy. Since 2014 there have been collective agreements for actors who do not necessarily distribute a substantial income. For example, career starters at a publicly run theater only receive at least 1,850 EUR gross per month. At EUR 3,000 to 4,000, one speaks of a very good salary. If you are employed in television or film, you are guaranteed a minimum gross wage of EUR 810 per day of shooting. However, one should bear in mind that, especially at the beginning, not every day is a day of shooting, but most of the time is actually used to conduct unpaid acquisitions and to land new jobs.

However, if you manage to get the lead role in a play, movie or TV series with more experience and a bit of luck, you can count on significantly more salary. If the level of awareness and popularity increases with your own person, there is no upper limit to your income.

A current example are the series stars of the “Game of Thrones” series. No other series has been a hot topic of conversation for so many years and is still being watched diligently. The hype pays off for the leading actors. Her mega-salary is $ 500,000 per episode, according to Business Insider. This is mainly possible through complex bonus clauses. The series is broadcast in several countries, which means that the actors receive a percentage of the income and can also make money from the reruns on television. Plus, the main characters are irreplaceable to the series, forcing the production company to listen to the actors' demands if it is to keep the series alive.

# 5 What development opportunities does an actor have?

Actors can of course climb the career ladder within the art of acting and move from minor supporting actors to major leading actors - regardless of the industry.

Actors also don't have to stay loyal to one branch their entire life. You can switch from the classical theater, to the colorful musical stage or to the film. In this context, industry-specific training in the form of crash courses, for example, definitely makes sense - provided you have already completed an acting training - according to the ZBF and the German Drama Association. For example, actors learn to move properly in front of the camera or learn the theatrical expressions and gestures that seem too exaggerated for television and film. However, you should check the curriculum vitae of the course provider before booking and make sure that he is experienced and actually teaches the classes himself.

Furthermore, many actors who have been in front of the camera or on stage for a long time strive for other disciplines and creative tasks behind the lens. For example, a (former) actor can become a producer of his own film and at the same time take part or dare to take on the new role of director of a play.

Actors have countless development opportunities, which makes this profession so varied and incredibly exciting.

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