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Before the payroll

In order to create wage and salary documents, you need many documents from your clients, for example employment contracts or certificates of enrollment. With the digital personnel file, you exchange these HR documents between your law firm and your client - easily, quickly and securely.

The digital personnel file in your everyday office life

The documents are securely stored in the DATEV cloud and are therefore available at any time in a clear and structured manner. In this way, you and your clients have a uniform level of information at all times, which reduces the number of inquiries from both sides. At the same time, you reduce the size of your paper filing, since the documents are available in digital form; this saves you printing and storage costs. The DATEV cloud ensures high security standards.

The digital personnel file is already included in the DATEV payroll program. A contract for the use of DATEV companies online in connection with documents online is necessary for the client. This means that the law firm must administer the client online accordingly in DATEV companies and set it up in documents online in order to use the digital personnel file. In this respect, costs for the digital personnel file only arise for the storage space that is required. If you want to estimate the costs in advance, you can use the corresponding application:

Do you already use DATEV company online to exchange documents with your clients in the context of bookkeeping? Then you can also introduce the digital personnel file quickly and easily to exchange wage documents. Because the working methods and processes are already known to both your employees and your clients.

This is how the documents come from the client to the office

The client uploads the respective documents via receipts online in DATEV companies online. The subcontractor assigns these documents to the client or a specific employee of the client via the digital personnel file in the DATEV payroll program. This means that every document can be found quickly by both the law firm and the client and is only available once, both access the same document.

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