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Find friends Edit source]

one possibility is to find it here in the wiki. Just click here.

Change [edit | Edit source]

With an update in 2019, the friends' page was completely changed, even if there are still matching menu items. In order to be able to compare the "old" with the "new", the old version remains in the lower part.

New version [edit | Edit source]

Follows ...

Old version Edit source]

With friends it plays easier, they can send you gifts and visit you. You can also visit them, send them gifts and advertise them.

There are 6 tabs in the Friends window:

  1. Friends - this is where you can find all of your current friends
  2. Invite - 6 other players randomly selected by the game that you may be able to convince to become your friend
  3. Waiting - the waiting room
  4. Gifts - here you can find your gifts and accept them and say thank you (see Sending gifts)
  5. Services - here you can find your code and use codes from other players to add friends
  6. Top 1000 - the best players in different rankings

The friends tab Edit source]

You can find all your friends here. You can sort them in two ways: with and without a tick at the bottom next to "Sort by activity". With the tick your friends will be sorted according to activity in her Sorted game (date and time of the last upload of your profile to the G5 server). It means Notthat they interacted with your game in some way. Without the check mark, they are sorted by their internal ID, roughly (with exceptions) according to when they started playing the game.

Each friend has their own field with avatar, occupation (see below), name, Facebook name if available, game level and experience. There are three buttons for each friend: "Advertise", "Send G." (= Send gift) and "visit". The functions of these buttons are explained on the Refer a Friend, Send Gifts and Visit Friends pages.

If you want to find out more about your friend, you can tap on his avatar. A window opens with more information about him.

You can delete friends at any time by tapping the "X" in the top right corner.

Add friends [edit | Edit source]

There are several ways you can make friends.

Invite [edit | Edit source]

In the 2nd tab "Invite" you will find 6 randomly selected players every 8 hours, who you can invite using the "Add" button. You will then be moved to the 3rd tab "Waiting" (= waiting room). Before you invite someone from there, you can use the "Visit" button to watch their game, but you cannot give any help as you would with friends. You can also tap the avatar and a window will open with more information about this player.

With 4 you can display new players before the 8 hours are up.

A word of warning: most of the players you can find under "Invite" are not active. So it's pretty hard to make friends with it.

Services [edit | Edit source]

It is far easier to make new friends using six-digit invitation codes posted on various sites on the Internet. To do this, you have to go to the "Services" tab. There you will find the two buttons: "Invite" and "Enter". If you tap on "Invite", a window will open with your code, which you can post. If you have codes from other players, you have to tap "Enter" and enter the code in the pop-up window.

With codes, it does not matter whether lower or upper case letters are used. It is easy to confuse 1 and I or 0 and O, many then write whether it is a number or a letter. Each code can only be used 4-5 times, after which it changes. Therefore, you have to be quick with posted codes. If the code is used up when you enter it, the message "The entry was not correct." Appears. If the code works, the player will appear in your waiting room.

If you already have someone as a friend or in the waiting room and you enter their code, the message "You have already sent a request to this friend" appears.

You have a good chance of making friends this way. Whether they fit your own style of play is then the other question. Many people who post their code regularly only hunt the golden bird ("Kindness" award for 5000 friends) and will rarely or never send you a present or visit you.

Wait [edit | Edit source]

All players whose code you have successfully entered or who you have invited via the "Invite" tab will be displayed in the waiting room and you will have to wait until they accept you. Then they are added to the 1st tab, the friends list. If they reject you, they just disappear from the waiting room. You can also delete players yourself from the waiting room using the "X" in the top right corner.

If you have posted your code and other players have used it or other players have had you in their "Invite" tab, they will also appear in your waiting room. However, these players each have a "Decline" button and an "Accept" button (like the first player in the picture) and you can decide whether you want to accept them as a friend or not.

Top 1000 Edit source]

In the top 1000 there are rankings based on experience , Number of connected collections, number of quests solved, fame and number of successfully played puzzles.

The top 1000 are not really listed. Players who are level 800+ will be dropped off the lists.

As in your friends list, you can see more information about a player by tapping an avatar.

You can switch the view between the regular awards and event awards by unchecking "Event Rewards" at the bottom center or by ticking it.

In addition to the rankings of all players, you can only display the rankings for your friends by checking the box "Friends only" at the bottom left. Friends with level 800+ are listed in this selection.

You can find yourself in the lists using the "Find me" button at the bottom right. If you have chosen the view with your friends, you will always be found. You will only be found in the overall top 1000 if you are actually among the top 1000, otherwise you will receive a message that you are unfortunately not on the list yet.

Professions [edit | Edit source]

There are 4 different professions in the game with different effects:

  1. Dealers
  2. Scholar
  3. Nose
  4. magician

If you collect an award that a friend has tapped, you will also see his occupation there. However, the individual professions have no special effect on awards; all professions have the same effect there.

Dealer [edit | Edit source]

The traders have a coin as a symbol. If they helped you with a picture / puzzle or if you advertise them, your coin yield on the picture / puzzle increases by 10%.

Scholar [edit | Edit source]

The scholars have the star of experience as a symbol. Accordingly, your experience gained from pictures / puzzles increases by 10% if a scholar has helped you with a picture or puzzle or if you have recruited a scholar.

Sniff [edit | Edit source]

The sniffers have three cameras as a symbol. If they helped you with a picture / puzzle or if you advertise them, your chances of winning from exploring pictures and playing puzzles increase by 5%. They act like lucky charms.

Magician [edit | Edit source]

The magicians have the energy flash as a symbol. In contrast to the other professions, nothing increases, but instead reduces the energy you need for exploring pictures and playing puzzles by 10% if she has helped you with a picture or a puzzle or if you have recruited a magician.

Your own profession [edit | Edit source]

If you want to know what your job is, you have to go to the top 1000 in the 6th tab. Check the box next to "Friends only" in the lower left corner and tap the "Find me" button or scroll through the list. When you've found yourself, tap on your avatar. A window will open with your game information and next to your avatar you will see one of the four occupation symbols, your occupation.

Internet pages for code exchange Edit source]

Discuss - here in the wiki

Wiki Friend Code Exchange Board - Forum of the English wiki - Official Facebook page Official page for the Facebook version of the game - a game forum, with registration - a game forum - a game forum

Invitation codes can sometimes be found in game reviews in the app stores.