What is the HBsag test


Diagnostics for hepatitis B should be offered widely. A hepatitis B search diagnosis should always be carried out at

  • Patients with elevated liver values ​​or clinical signs of hepatitis
  • Cirrhotic patients
  • Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Persons with a migration background from countries with an increased HBs-Ag prevalence, family members and household contacts as well as sexual partners of HBs-Ag positive patients
  • Patients before or during an immunosuppressive therapy (reactivation under chemotherapy possible)
  • Medical staff
  • Patients in psychiatric institutions
  • Homosexual men and patients with frequently changing sexual partners
  • When diagnosing other sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, HIV, hepatitis C).

Antibody course

The diagnosis of chronic hepatitis B can be made by an HBs-Ag search test. If this is positive, a complete hepatitis serology should be taken (anti-Hbs-AK, HBe-Ag, HBe-AK, anti-HBc-AK) and the hepatitis B viraemia (HBV-DNA) should be determined. In addition, tests should be carried out for hepatitis A, C and D and for HIV. Further laboratory tests are the transaminases, the liver synthesis parameters (albumin, Quick, cholinesterase), the blood count and the AFP as tumor markers.

Hepatitis B screening: step-by-step diagnosis

  • HBs antigen: search marker for hepatitis B infection
  • HBc antibodies: search marker for hepatitis B infection
  • HBs antibodies: only with positive HBsAg and / or HBc-Ab
  • HBc-IgM antibodies: only after a pathological search test
  • HBe antigen: only after pathological screening test
  • HBe antibodies: only after a pathological search test

Source: www.laborbauer.at


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