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AWS - Amazon Web Services training courses & in-house seminars

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a collection of more than 25 online / cloud services that are primarily aimed at companies. In 2006 AWS started to offer developers an IT infrastructure on demand. Popular services such as Dropbox, Netflix, Foursquare or Reddit use the services of Amazon Web Services.

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Our different training options

AWS - Amazon Web Services training courses as an in-house variant

Tailor-made training concept for several employees in your company: as individual as your needs and economically very attractive. Every AWS - Amazon Web Services training can be tailored to the needs of your employees, your IT infrastructure and your company goals. With 2-3 participants, this type of training is often cheaper than an open seminar. The calculation is not based on the number of participants, but on the training days. Your advantages:

  • We create an individual seminar agenda in which we check in advance which know-how is already available and which goals you would like to achieve.
  • The trainer will come to your house.

AWS - Amazon Web Services company seminars - your participants in our training rooms

Tailor-made training concept for several employees in our seminar center. The company seminar is often cheaper than a public seminar with 2-3 participants. Here, too, the calculation is not based on the number of participants, but based on training days. The only difference to the in-house variant is that the training takes place in our training rooms. Your advantages:

  • You do not need (your own) training rooms
  • You benefit from the first-class learning environment and the technical equipment of our seminar centers
  • There are also no room costs for a company seminar in our training center.

AWS - Amazon Web Services training as public training in our seminar centers, e.g. B. Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg

Are you interested in a public training session in one of our 25 training centers? The participants come from a wide variety of companies. Our experienced trainers convey the training content announced in the agenda. More than 6000 successfully processed inquiries in the high-level area per year speak for our concept.


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Organizational questions about public training

How big are the groups for your training courses?

We usually run our AWS - Amazon Web Services courses in small groups with a maximum of eight participants.

Who are the trainers?

Our didactically experienced trainers have extensive training experience and are specialists with practical experience in their field.

How does the training work?

Our training courses are a balanced mix of theory and practice. It is very important to us that all concepts are practiced.

At which locations do you conduct the training?

We are represented nationwide in Berlin, Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Hanover and Stuttgart. You can find all locations on our location pages.

Worth knowing about seminar times and catering

Our training times are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. as standard. During the training we will take care of your physical well-being with hot and cold drinks, hot lunches and snacks. If necessary, we recommend hotels in the vicinity.

Organizational questions about company and in-house training courses

Can the seminar content also be adapted to our needs?

Yes, we can adapt the content individually to your needs. Our trainers clarify your knowledge goals and the current state of knowledge in a non-binding and free telephone call and develop an individual agenda for you.

Do you also conduct the training on our premises?

Yes, our trainers also come to your company. We can also provide you with the training environment and a mobile classroom.

When is an open seminar worthwhile, when is a company seminar?

Which fits better depends on the individual case. Economically, an AWS - Amazon Web Services in-house seminar / company seminar is often cheaper than a "public training" from the 3rd participant onwards. If the duration of the seminar is even shorter, the downtimes of your employees are reduced. Our comparison calculator, which is displayed at every seminar, and our seminar advisors will be happy to advise you.

Questions about online training (virtual classroom training)

Do you also offer training as online training (virtual classroom)?

Almost all seminars can also be booked in online format (virtual classroom). Ask us non-commital. A seminar advisor will contact you immediately.

What is a virtual classroom training?

You experience the digital classroom teaching as if you were there. You network with the lecturer and other participants via your Internet connection - so everyone is audiovisually connected and can interact. Questions to the lecturer are possible at any time, help can also be given by sharing your screen content with the lecturer.

What are the requirements for participating in an online course?

We recommend the following equipment for participating in our virtual classroom seminars:
  • Computer and screen (ideally 2 screens)
  • Internet connection
  • Headset (alternatively loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Webcam (optional)

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