Is luck a sin

Not being happy is the greatest sin you can commit

Last update: February 24, 2017

Greed, envy, arrogance, lack of solidarity ... all of these can be considered terrible sins, but there is none greater than not being happy. Life is very short to tiptoe through, suffering, with constant ailments and haunted by bad luck.

It depends on you what you do with the time you've been given. So think carefully about whether you want the years you will spend in this world to be a beautiful story of overcoming, love and friendship, or a sea of ​​tears and constant suffering.

You can't always be happy, but you can almost always be

I don't want to be cynical, but I don't want to be ignorant either. Maybe you can't be happy every hour of the day, because there are always things happening in our environment that disturb our peace, the climate and life in general. It is obvious. Nevertheless, I can suggest that you always look for a balance.

In this case, the task is to focus your gaze on the past. Take a long look at all the years of your life, from the first moment you consciously remember, to today. What do you see?

You can make many different judgments when you draw such a balanced balance of your life. However, if you come to the conclusion that despite all the bad and difficult moments, all the misfortunes and suffering, and also despite all the complications and challenges, been happy then you are not committing the sin of not using the time in this world.

However, if you notice that in this balance sheet of your existence you have unhappiness hanging around your neck like lead weight, you cannot lift your head, it is difficult for you to look into the future with hope and your life is a sea of ​​tears, over that you can't find a way out, then you commit a grave sinbecause you namely not happy are.

Is happiness overrated?

There are people who consider happiness to be overrated. Maybe you are right. Others say it is impossible to achieve, and maybe that too may be true. There are also those who think that there is a concept that we invent to justify our career in this world. I will not be one of those who deny that.

But despite all the clever studies and opinions, I have learned one thing in life. In fact, that I'll be happy then, when I'm in love, have a job that I like and am surrounded by the people who are important to me in life. I feel huge, feel a sense of belonging, feel to be where I want to be, to be a unique person who is loved and valued. Is this luck

Maybe I don't have the answer to that. Chances are that many don't think I'm a happy person. But even if it might not be the right word, it is the right feeling. Because I feel comfortable with who I am with, with what I do and with what I have.

How do you manage to be happy?

I only know one way to be happy and that is by trying to be yourself. However, to get to know your personality and your way of being better, it is not enough to just stay on the surface. The moody, the jealous, the slanderer - they justify themselves by simply being like that and with the fact that no one can change them, but they are on a completely wrong path.

"Someday, in some place, you will inevitably find yourself, and this, only this, can be the happiest or the bitterest hour of your life."

Pablo Neruda

A person can only be himself if he knows each other in the most intimate way. In the deepest heart of each one of us lies our only true and unshakable truth, our real personality, which jealously guards our dreams and desires of the soul.

In the deepest part of our heart, the true search for happiness takes place. Because your heart does not lie to you, and it will tell you who you want to be with and who not, what work you want and what you hate, which person compliments you in a relationship and who is with you only out of self-interest . Find all of these and look around for them.

Don't wait any longer because every day that goes by is precious time that you lose. Do not commit the sin of not being happy, do not allow grief to take hold of your soul and your being. You deserve the best, and only you are the master of your present and your future. Hold on tight and start being who you really are.