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Hybrid comprehensive university

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The cobra effect

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The program


The application deadline


additional Information

Scholarship Program 2013

for postdocs

and junior professors

The scholarship program of the Daimler and Benz Foundation

is aimed at young academics

the doctorate and should help them on their way into science


is open to all disciplines according to the foundation statutes

and topics and promotes independent researchs plans.

The scholarship is designed for a period of two years; the

annual funding is 20,000 euros.

for an application is the institutional connection to a

German university or academic institution.

The doctorate is allowed at the time of the application deadline

not more than two years ago.

ends at the end of November 2nd2012.

for the application process can be found at

9|12 research & Teaching POSITION 693

Peter-André Alt

is a professor of innovation

German literary studies

and president of

Free University of Berlin.

Photo: Bernd Wannenmacher / Free University of Berlin

In the thicket

of the programs

Universities and

Universities of Applied Sciences in

Expand Germany.

The number of

Student grows

steady, last favored

by double

Abitur classes and

the suspension of

Conscription. Especially

but take the

Number of courses

to (what one of

the budget amounts

for the basic budget

unfortunately not find out

can). In 2011

existed in Germany

according to statistics from the German Rectors' Conference

16 381 study programs. The overwhelming portion

not applicable to bachelor programs (7 255),

followed closely by the master’s programs

(6 634). The spectrum of topics ranges from

“Adventure and experiential education” to “future-proof”

To build". You can "digital games"

study, there is a bachelor's degree in “Hazard

Control ”and a Masters in“ Fitness Economics ”.

Do we need such a large one, confusing in detail


The answer is: The variety of offers is

not an indicator of quality, but a characteristic

lack of coordination and control. The German

The higher education system has its cell division

Let fans happen too carelessly. Any fashion

is here raised to a discipline, every trend ends

in a program. You don't have to be a prophet

to be able to predict that numerous new

Course offers not in the coming decade

to survive. Where is there in the university spectrum

still the subject cybernetics, which in the 70s

as a prime example of interdisciplinary cooperation

between social and natural sciences

was true? Many of the popular since the 80s

Technology courses of study are growing in numbers today

closed and no longer continued.

The problem lies in the often inorganic

Structure of newly cut courses. A throwing together

of individual aspects and topics

does not yet result in discipline. Alone on the foundation

a professional culture with its own methods

and formal procedures for securing knowledge

However, it can be a science-based one

Convey qualifications. When universities

and universities their central task

seriously, then they should only consider such degree programs

offer a methodologically sound

Training on the basis of disciplinary seriousness


The medieval artist faculty was still to come

with seven compartments; in addition came the jurisprudence

and theology. It would be a good one

Sign when the German higher education system

Reflect on the core of the disciplines

and stricter quality standards for its courses

would establish. Because not everything

running on the market is good for the scientific community


694 CONTENTS research & Teaching 9|12



Peter-André Alt

693 In the thicket of programs


696 HRK President sharply criticizes the Bologna reform


Andreas Speer

700 For a glass of wine with Kant

Or: "Man is what he drinks"

Ulrich Fischer

702 The becoming of the wine

About the importance of the terroir, moving northwards

Pests and the effects of climate change

Hermann Kurzke

706 Can you write books that are good to drink?

The wine and the literature

Heinz Decker

710 Is he healthy or not?

Wine from a biological point of view

Hans Peter Althaus

712 Fine-fleshed, scurrying trout

Wine description between technical language and advertising jargon

Thomas Sommer

714 Good wine is made in the vineyard

Questions to the best sommelier in Germany

Dieter Hoffmann

716 Wine as an economic factor

Current trends

W salary

Michael Hartmer

718 The new W salary?

Countries looking for more constitutional

Salary of professors


721 "Of one who went out ..."

A story about accreditation and reaccreditation

Photo: dpa-picture alliance


and wine

Wine is part of the European cultural

and intellectual history. How became

and he is used by writers and

Perceived by scientists? What

say the oenology, the medicine, the

Linguistics and last but not least

the philosophy about wine? What advises

a sommelier from practice?

Science and wine. . . . . . . . . 700

New W salary

Basic salary W - old and new

Hessen - Salary Regulations W

Basic salary rates (monthly amounts)

3,807.40 euros

Planned from 1


5 years for 5 years for 5 years

Level 1 Level 2 Level

4 780.00 euros 4 960.00 euros 5 140.00

5,300.00 euros 55,500.00 euros 5 710.00

Bavaria - Salary Regulations W

Basic salary rates (monthly amounts)

According to the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court,

that is the W 2 basic salary

as "evidently inappropriate"

referred to, are now the federal states

prompted the W salary

to touch up. Hesse and Bavaria

have now submitted bills,

like a constitutional reform

the reform should look like. Become

these now meet the requirements of the

justice to the highest German court?

An analysis.

The educational leviathan. . . . . . . . . . 718

9|12 research & Teaching CONTENTS 695

The cobra effect

International student mobility

and promoting it nationally is central

Concerns of the Bologna reform.

The ECTS credit point system should

enable objective comparability.

Yet this system seems to be mobility

rather to hinder. Why?

Like the Bologna reform the study

difficult abroad. . . . . . . . . . . 724


In Afghanistan, especially in Germany

perceived as a theater of war,

are currently studying over a hundred thousand

young people. How does it look

on site? How do German institutions help?

A report.

Ten years of commitment. . . . . . . . 732


Science slams are currently booming in

Germany. Especially young scientists

participate and present

your research in ten minutes.

How does a typical science work?

Slam? What are the arguments for

the concise type of science presentation?

Science slams. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 736

Photo: dpa-picture alliance Photo: picture-alliance / Trigger Image


Heyno sheaf

722 Hybrid comprehensive university

Plea for an integration of the Lausitz University of Applied Sciences

to the BTU Cottbus


Stefan Kühl

724 The cobra effect

Plea for the abolition of the ECTS system


Armin Himmelrath

728 Doctoral fraud in self-experiment

How I cheated on a doctorate


Dorothea Rüland

732 Afghanistan needs an academic elite

Ten years of commitment from German universities to

Reconstruction of the Afghan higher education system


Andrea Loether

734 cribs instead of quota

A sociological knowledge misunderstanding


Jens Dittrich

736 The ten-minute challenge

About science slams


Stefan Schulz-Hardt

744 The great illusion

For synergy in groups


738 research: Fathomed and discovered

740 consent and objection

741 Read and let them read

742 decisions from the jurisprudence

743 Tax Law

746 habilitations and appointments

752 Imprint

755 Academic Job Market

783 Questionnaire II: Thought through - Claudia Kemfert

784 excursion

696 NEWS research & Teaching 9|12


HRK President strongly criticizes the Bologna reform

The President of the University Rectors' Conference,

Horst Hippler, has ten

Years after the beginning of the

Bolognese reform sharply criticized.

Reform does it

contrary to their goals

Students not easier,

to go abroad. "This

Promise is not



10 years

stand bachelor and

Masters equals

next to the traditional

Degrees like that


really been fulfilled. in the

Abroad they have to go to the

Recognize achievements first

to let. That is often

still difficult, "said

Hippler of the South Germans

Newspaper. Also the ECTS

Points system for the opposing


mutual recognition of

Academic achievements are "none

real currency ”. You say

just how strong an average one

Student to

Example through a seminar

time will be charged. The

But points said nothing about it

from what someone can.

Hippler emphasized the bachelor's degree

at best be a first

Degree with a professional qualification,

but this is

"No professional qualification".

The HRK President criticized

also the six semester

Bachelor degree. You have to

decide whether to

a university education

purely job-related, how

the universities of applied sciences offer them,

or some other type of

Training like at universities.

"A university

must do more than training,

namely education. The

does it with the bachelor's degree

Not". So be a university

"Bachelor of Engineering"

not a full-fledged engineer

Historians call for a boycott

T he Association of Historians of Germany (VHD)

will not take part in the ranking this year either

of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE).

Historians already had one in 2009

Support for this type of scientific documentation

declined. Despite the extensive criticism of the VHD,

the German Society for Sociology and others

However, science organizations hold the CHE to one thing

Procedure that at best "misleading information"

enable and “little meaningful information

about history in Germany

the association criticizes.

nieur and a bachelor's degree

in physics is “never in

Live a Physicist. ”After

Hippler's view is that too

Bologna mission statement, the people

faster through studies

and bring them to work,

not correct. This has meanwhile

also recognized the economy.

The companies

needed personalities,

not just graduates. "We

everyone works longer and longer, there

it makes sense at the beginning

invest more time and

such a personality

to train. Which also includes

also that students about

look outside the box

can. The youth mania

is at this point


The President of the German

University Association

Kempen expressed his approval,

but also amazed

about Hippler's criticism.

After all, the HRK

significantly contributes to the lot

too quick realization

involved in the Bolognese reform.

Hippler's predecessor, Gaehtgens

and winter coat

decisive advocates

the bachelor's and master's degree programs

have been and would have

Deadlines for reforms

set, said Kempen. To

ten years finally the

Weaknesses of the Bologna degree programs

to recognize is

the student generations

cynical towards those under

these conditions

have to study. Kempen

continued to say it was still

a problem that it is in

not enough for some subjects

Masters courses

also give the number of

Dropouts are higher

than in previous courses.

Federal Minister of Education

Annette Schavan (CDU) pointed

the criticism of the German Rectors' Conference

to the Bachelor

and Masters courses

back. "I am in

others do not think

that mr's mind

Hippler that of the university rectors

is “, she told him

ARD morning magazine. There is

a track record. thanks

the Bologna reform would

twice as many students

go abroad with the

Bachelor graduates admit

there is a low unemployment rate

of two percent. Schavan

stressed towards the

Zeitung Die Welt that “for

the quality of the courses

the universities are responsible

be. Schavan evaluates

the Bachelor as well as the Conference of Ministers of Education


Countries as professional qualifiers


The federal government is investigating

after a message

from time online whether already

Bachelor Graduates Access

to higher service in

get state institutions

should. So far is

a master’s degree is a prerequisite.

As a reason

called the BMBF that “the

Bachelor a full-fledged

academic degree "is.

“The further opening in the public

Service would also be

the right signal to the Bachelor graduates,

the existence

direct career entry one

is a good option. "

9|12 research & Teaching NEWS 697

European universities criticize evaluation

as nitpicking

Several major European


have politics and science

prompted the

getting bigger and bigger

Evaluation of research a

Put an end to. The appraisal,

Evaluation and control

of science got

become “an unhealthy one

Obsession "full grown that

to a "culture of bean counting"

lead. This reported

the Berliner Tagesspiegel below

Appeal for an explanation

the "League of European

Research Universities ". In this

There are 21 universities in the group,

including the universities

from Oxford, Cambridge,

Leiden, the universities of Zurich

and Milan as well as from

Germany the LMU Munich,

the University of Heidelberg

Kempen: "Scientific fraud is criminal"

The German University Association

(DHV) has the

Legislators urged

a criminal offense

To create science fraud.

The DHV turns with it

against the branch of so-called doctoral consultants.

She is urgent

Suspected commercial for

supposed doctoral candidates

Dissertations, but also for

Bachelor and

Master theses too

compose. "Bring ghostwriters

the degrees

and the colleges that they

lend, in disrepute, "explained

the President of the DHV, Professor

Dr. Bernhard Kempen.

“That is at the expense of the big ones

Majority of academics,

their academic

Degree rightfully through achievement

have acquired. "

To the devaluation of academic

Grade a bolt

to advance, would have to

the deterrent tools

be sharpened. The

Tracking down and punishing

berg and the University of Freiburg.

The evaluations would have

"Undesirable consequences",

it says in the declaration.

Universities would have to

"Excessive amounts of data"

produce something to the limit

personnel and financial

Resources go. Often would

duplicate assessments,

resulting in additional burdens

lead. High quality research

am not supported like this,

but hindered.

Recognize the universities

while at that politics and

Society a legitimate

Are interested in knowing

what universities did.

Universities too

themselves would tend to

always your own achievements

to analyze more comprehensively,

around institutional and domestic

of plagiarism must also be in

The future of the scientific community

Afford. Across from

commercial doctoral consultants,

which for decades

unhindered by advertisement against

high fees all-round

Carefree packages for the dissertation

offer, be that

Science, says Kempen

further, but largely

powerless. According to estimates

become up to two percent

of all dissertations under

active participation

written by doctoral advisors.

According to a dpa report

experts assume

from that even about every third

Doctoral thesis in the departments

Law and Economics


Ghostwriters should come from.

"The previous safety precautions


of universities, like stronger ones

Engagement, control and

Supervision of doctoral students

or the request of an affidavit

Explanation about

the non-cooperation

individual strengths and

To find out weaknesses

or new researchsfelder

to generate. It is from it

a real business area

arose because of the

Amount of evaluations many

Tasks to external agencies

would be delivered.

Unfortunately not all

clear so the explanation is that

the methods of assessment

had their limits.

"Peer review" is far

common, but also "expensive,

time consuming and sometimes

subjective". Lots of bibliometric

Databases would

used, although their

Quality left to be desired

let. The 21 universities

therefore demanded central

Databases about which more precise

Evaluations possible


with a doctoral advisor

not enough. Either

the ghostwriter himself as

even the blender who is

with strange feathers

adorns must be targeted

be taken. "Science fraud

is not a trivial offense,

but criminal ",

emphasized Kempen. Therefore

submission of the DHV

following legislative proposal

for inclusion in the Criminal Code:

"(1) Anyone who does a qualification

that of attainment

of an academic degree

or an academic title

serves, for a third party

authored, is sentenced to imprisonment

up to two years

or fined.

(2) Anyone who does a qualification thesis

within the meaning of para.

1 by a third party entirely

or partially written,

as own, without their

Being the author is part of it

a sentence of imprisonment up to

two years or a fine




The club more European researchuniversity profile

through plain text:

Assessment, evaluation

and control of science

arte to obsession

out. That really hits

especially on Germany

to. The harassment

through excessive documentation

and reporting requirements,

one in wide

Share from anyone

more serious

Accreditation system that

widespread award

of application excellence

and the evaluation of

researchperformance after

Provision set heteronomously

Have indexes for

the universities more suffocating

as they are promotional

Reached proportions. In his

Entourage fights one

Evaluation industry of

Data collectors and

-Hunters for market share,

put to work by one

about decision criteria

embarrassed university policy,

the the big ship

Wants to control science

and needs pilots for it.

At the end of this development

stands with itself

self-employed, narcissistic higher education system.

The following applies: a

Egg is an egg - and his

Quality depends more on the

Freewheel as from the number

of the chickens caking it


Nevertheless, caution is important

required: Evaluatio necesse

est. First make the dose

them to poison. But who should

how about the right measure

determine? The key

more to do with autonomous ones

Colleges than at

state licensed and

sponsored bean counting.

Michael Hartmer

698 NEWS research & Teaching 9|12


Dispute over "military research"

The University of Bremen has the controversial endowed professorship

of the Bremen space company

"OHB" occupied. That’s the university opposite

Radio Bremen confirmed. The German Center for Air and

Raumfahrt (DLR) finances the basic

Chair together with the OHB Group. criticism

had given this endowed professorship because

OHB is also involved in armaments projects. According to

of the rector of Bremen University, Professor Wilfried

Müller, I just love civilians research aligned

OHB endowed professorship in accordance with the civil clause

the university that research for armaments purposes

exclude. The "Civil Clause Working Group"

had, however, demanded that the university not

make financially dependent on the armaments industry


There is also a dispute over civil clauses at other universities

originated. So the President of Karlsruhe declined

Institute of Technology (KIT) has a civil clause

dpa from: “Such a clause is in contradiction

to freedom from research and Teachingthat are in

Basic Law Article 5 is anchored. I take that very much

seriously. ”The Bundestag faction Die Linke recently had

Federal and state measures against a military

research at universities and non-university

researchfacilities required and a civil clause

required for all universities.

Family allowance and registered


the Supreme Court

has on June 19th

2012 the unequal treatment

by married officials

on the one hand and in one

registered partnership

living officials

on the other hand when granting

of the family allowance

Declared unconstitutional

(Az. 2 BvR 1397/09).

The privilege of married people

Official put one

on the general principle of equality

of Article 3, Paragraph 1 of the Basic Law

(GG) to be measured

indirect unequal treatment

because of the sexual

Orientation. Only the

Reference to the in Art. 6

Abs. 1 GG anchored special

Protection of marriage

justify given the in

comparable way legally


Way of life of the registered

Civil partnership no

Differentiation. Much more

needed in such cases

Technical University of Munich introduces a new career system for scientists

The Technical University

Munich (TUM)

has a new career system

for young scientists

initiated. The so-called “TUM

Faculty Tenure Track ”

after notification from the university

outstanding talent

early self-employment as

Assistant Professor and a

clear, performance-based

Perspective. Pass this

demanding evaluations,

they increase after six years

to become an associate professor,

combined with a permanent

Employment in grade

W3. To miss

the goal, be the career

finished at TUM. The

Successful stand above it

beyond the later ascent

open to “full professor”.

TUM will organize 100

new professorships with tenure

Track initial appointments.

The college of professors

increase according to information

the TUM at 20

Percent. Junior professorships

(W1) and permanent W2-

Professorships (so-called extraordinary positions)

will not

more newly cast. The Bavarian

Science Minister

Heubisch has by ordinance

the TUM career system

given his consent.

On this new career path

can start especially

qualified post docs,

which is usually at least

two years researchexperience

present abroad

have to. Already reached

Awards (e.g. Emmy Noether

and Heisenberg scholarships,

ERC Starting

Grants) increase the

Chances of the first appointment.

With the salary level W2

equipped, they come

young assistant professors

in full independence

and responsibility: you are

not affiliated to a chair

and have the same

Rights and obligations

like all other professors.

With this freedom is the expectation

connected that they

own one early researchprofile

develop. Supported in this

the TUM with a

intensive care

through mentors and training

in interdisciplinary

Competencies, such as

Example of leadership.

The teaching obligation is from

nine to five semester hours per week


After two and after four

Years of development

the assistant professors

by independent experts

judged. In the sixth year

beyond the appeal to that

Protection of marriage one

sufficiently weighty

Material reason that measured

on the respective subject matter

and target the disadvantage

this other

Justify life forms.

The fundamental one

Protection of marriage as special

Relationship of responsibility

justify a better position

marriage in relation

too unbound

Partner relationships. This

but does not simply apply

also in relation to one

legally ordered cohabitation.

The registered

Civil partnership

make it possible for people to

the because of their like

Sex a marriage not

can enter into an im

Essentially similar institutionally

to enter into a stable relationship of responsibility.