Jake Williams is great

Jake Williams

Our opinion:

Anyone who has read my blog for a long time knows that I am always on the lookout for appealing and inspiring books that convey knowledge while reading, but are by no means dry or / and boring. Many topics are really extremely interesting, but are not packaged appropriately for today's children and young people. Who wants to read a boring biography of Darwin? Nobody. Exactly. You should definitely “know” this man or be able to classify him somehow.

We like this book very much because it skillfully conveys knowledge, but not in a boring way. The author manages to tell Darwin's life in such a way that one always wants to read on. He repeatedly arouses the curiosity of the reader through various approaches and so you really stick to Darwin's life story until the end.

He not only reports on the name of the ship with which Darwin set out for unknown waters, but also shows how such a ship was constructed and describes how the people lived there. As a result, you are closer as a reader, you “feel a little bit”.

Also, for example, Darwin's equipment is shown and there are things here that we have certainly not heard of or have not heard often (goniometer).

Reports and illustrations about Darwin, who was constantly vomiting and who was only able to eat biscuits and raisins due to seasickness, make this great scientist more human and more tangible, and you can feel with it again.

Whole double pages are also filled with the extraordinary animals that Darwin encounters on his journey and through which he came up with his ideas for the theory of evolution. Everything always perfectly embedded in Darwin's life and journey.

The illustrations really impressed us, even if we unfortunately didn't find the people, especially Charles Darwin, to be very successful. But the animals, the equipment, the ship, the underwater world, just the rest - are really well done!



A book that really makes you want to deal with the life and discoveries of Darwin, as the author manages to motivate younger readers to stick with it through the well thought-out structure of the book. A book for the whole family. Certainly legible from 8 years of age. Have lots of fun with it!