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Ideologist Dugin: Austria should be dissolved

The Russian Eurasia theorist and FPÖ confidante Alexander Dugin stated in an interview that the "era of the great empires" had dawned.

"Great empires" are the future of Europe, there is no room for small states like Austria: That is the future vision of the Russian Eurasia theorist and FPÖ friend Alexander Dugin.

You could think of Dugin as a weirdo if the 53-year-old weren't an influential figure in today's Russia Kremlin. The local FPÖ also has very good connections to Dugin, who has been invited to events several times, for the last time at the end of May 2014 for a conference behind closed doors on the future of Europe.

Central Europe buffer zone

Dugin now gave an interview to the Hungarian internet portal "Alfahir", which is close to Jobbik. In it he stated that he would dissolve countries such as Austria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. This would mean that all Hungarians, divided into different countries, would again be part of a large state structure: “If Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, perhaps Volhynia and Austria were to form a unit, then that would include all Hungarians, which in ethnic terms would affect the situation before Trianon would be restored. "

In the context of a nation state, that would be "impossible, simply because the existence of the nation state is absurd," added Dugin.

All these countries mentioned should unite under the term "Mighty Eastern Europe" and form a kind of buffer zone between the Russian-led "Eurasian Union" and German "Europe". In the conversation he also warned of the decline of Europe in the face of gay marriages and westernization.

Right wing philosopher and talk show guest

Alexander Dugin is the chairman of the International Eurasian Movement. He has had a rapid career in recent years: from a cranky, bearded right wing philosopher, he mutated into a recognized talk show participant on state-run television. Dugin's early tracts have an obvious affinity with fascism. In recent years he has presented himself primarily as a proponent of the Eurasian idea. In short, it is about the struggle of the continents: Under the leadership of Russia, Eurasia, and thus Europe, is to ally itself against the USA.

In the conversation, Dugin said that the central question was "what vision of the future we have". Dugin told "Alfahir" his fear of "Western nihilism", which he equated with globalization. In globalization, values ​​such as belief, culture and sacred knowledge were completely lost. "We must finally open our eyes and together - Russians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs, Germans, French and Spaniards - stand up against the West, or we will slowly disappear, one after the other."

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