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Innovative Model Railroad Control System


Rocrail ZIP is provided as a ZIP archive and can be downloaded from the Daily BuildWebsite to be downloaded.

Rocrail ZIP enables the "installation" 1) to (almost) any location on the computer: for example on the desktop, on a second internal drive, etc. All files required by Rocrail are combined in a folder, there are no files created or hidden outside of this folder (with the exception of the optional Desktop symbols).

With sufficient memory size 2) the ZIP file can also be unpacked completely onto a memory stick.
This enables portable use on changing hardware with the same operating system.

Important instructions:

  1. Create backup copies of your own work areas.
  2. Uninstall previous Rocrail installation if used.
  3. So that a later update does not overwrite the files that may have been modified for your own purposes (images, SVG, Decspecs, etc.), these must be saved with changed file names or in a separate directory.
  4. Will the User and AmericanThemes required, the corresponding ZIP files have to be unpacked separately; usually in the svg-Directory.
  5. If necessary, existing path information in the Rocview and Rocrail properties must be adapted to changed storage locations.

Unzip and start


Help for changing from a classic installation to the installation with a ZIP file: Switch to ZIP installer Explained step by step

Simply extract the ZIP archive into a directory of your choice and double-click on the script file desktoplink.cmd 3) create a shortcut of Rocview on the desktop. Start Rocview by double-clicking the desktop symbol. Select a workspace to start the Rocrail server.

Detailed installation instructions can be found at Install Rocrail on Windows


If the zip files are used for the first time, the dependency wxWidgets to be installed. This is in the command file contain.
Simply insert the ZIP archive into the home- Extract directory (not in that system-Copy directory) and with a double click the script file call, which sets up a shortcut on the desktop.


If the file explorer opens the script files in an editor, it is easier to open a terminal and switch to the directory with the ZIP file.
Then enter the following commands: (The same sequence can also be used for the update.)

cd unzip -u -d Rocrail Downloads / Rocrail * .zip cd Rocrail ./

If the wxWidgets library is not yet installed:


Gnome Desktop

If the Rocview desktop icon is not displayed, an extension is required.
To do this, open a terminal window and enter the following commands:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons gnome-tweaks

After opening Gnome Tweaks, select "Extensions" in the left column and activate "Desktop icons".
The Rocview desktop icon initially looks like a text document.
Right-click this icon to open the context menu and enable "Allow Launching".

Raspberry Pi


Important NOTE:
So that an update does not overwrite the files that may have been modified for its own purposes (images, SVG, Decspecs, etc.), the files must be saved in a separate directory or the file names must be changed.

  1. Download a current ZIP archive.
  2. Extract the ZIP archive with all directories and files into the Rocrail directory.
  3. Confirm the following query "Replace files in target":

Extended update option

Only for experienced users with sufficient knowledge of Windows
  1. Download a current ZIP archive.
  2. Just that amExtract the directory from the ZIP archive into the Rocrail directory.
    This will only update Rocview, Rocrail Server and Libraries.
  3. Confirm the following query "Replace files in target":
  • Important NOTE:
    Since files in other directories (svg, decpecs, ...) are also updated and expanded irregularly, it is strongly recommended to do so more often complete updates to execute.

Demo and wiki plan

Demo plan Wiki demo plan
"Step-by-step instructions"

Loading the demo plan: In Rocview via Menu → File → Demo Workspace.
Loading the wiki demo plan: In Rocview via Menu → File → Open workspace ... the directory wikidemo choose.

  • Note: If a work area is already active, you must confirm that you have closed the server in a dialog.

Directory structure

Rocrail ├───desktoplink.cmd (Windows - Icon on the desktop) ├───rocview.cmd (Windows - Rocview and Server) ├───readme.txt (information) ├───start.html ( Start help with links to the stepbystep-xx wiki pages) ├─── (revision number and the last 500+ revisions) ├─── (Linux icon on the Desktop) ├─── (Linux - install wxWidget) ├───rocrail.png (Linux - Rocrail-Icon) ├─── (Linux - Rocview and Server) ├─── (Linux - Server only) ├───web (Rocweb system) ├───wikidemo (alternative demo workspace) | └───plan.xml (Wiki demo plan) ├───demo (standard demo workspace) | └───plan.xml (larger plan with shadow station) ├───bin (client / server / libraries - exe and dll) ├───decspecs (RocPro decoder data) ├───stylesheets (docu- Formats) ├───images (image / symbol files locomotives, wagons, ...) └───svg (subject directories) ├─── ├─── └─── themes ├───Accessories ├───Roads ├───SLIM ├───SLIM-COLOR └───SpDrS60
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